Monday, September 28, 2009

Response to Mercury News Article by Patrick Buchanan – Sept. 13, 2009

September 19, 2009

Response to Mercury News Article by Patrick Buchanan – Sept. 13, 2009

Why does the Mercury News continue to print articles by Pat Buchanan a self proclaimed racist? On The Rachel Maddow Show, Buchanan insisted that “white people built America and deserve more”. In the Mercury News article on September 13, 2009 Buchanan states that America is more divided lately about everything. Multiculturalism and diversity is the reason he gives for the division in this country. He says that “the European-Christian core of the country that once defined us is shrinking, as Christianity fades, the birthrate falls and Third World immigration surges.” The old American heroes according to Buchanan like Columbus, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are replaced by Dr. King and Cesar Chavez.

Well, Buchanan’s old America does not exist any more, thank God, so get over it. This country was built by all of us – black, white, red, brown, yellow; it is our multiculturalism and diversity that makes this country strong.

America is not divided because of our cultural diversity but because of ultra-conservatives, right wing nuts like Pat Buchanan who continue to fan the flames of racism in this country. Calling our President a fascist, thug, and Nazi shows how despicable these ultra conservatives have become. With freedom of speech comes responsibility. Pat Buchanan is not a responsible columnist and The Mercury News should not continue to give this idiot a forum to air his extreme views.

Carol - CFO

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oakland, what can we deliver for you ?

The City of Oakland Ca. is a multicultural city. It has the Oakland Hills, the Oakland Raiders Football team. It also has Lake Merit where they have festival at the Lake every year. The dining and nightlife caters to what every your likes are.
It also has the Port Of Oakland where ships come in with their cargo from all over the world, because it is an International Port. Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. Courier Service is proud to serve businesses, the community, and its sports teams.
Our courier service delivers same day deliveries 24/7 in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area cities. Our Oakland Courier service has delivered contracts from players to the Oakland Raders. And Streetwise has been there to deliver emergency equipment to its many festivals.
Our Oakland courier service today maintains route deliveries through out the city of Oakland everyday. Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. An Oakland courier Service you can count on.
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