Thursday, February 25, 2010


PG&E Meter on Angel IslandImage by Kevin via Flickr

If you live in California, you will be getting PG&E’s Smart Meter. PG an E will be installing smart meter’s to every dwelling and business in California and you don’t have a choice. Customers in the Bakersfield Fresno and all over the Central Valley had the smart meter installed last summer and they are not happy. They went to State Senator Dean Florez and complained about how their bills were outrageously high now, even though their doing everything exactly the same. Senator Florez told CBS 5
Investigates: “I think PG an E has been less than truthful.” About What? The explanations Senator Florez said, the company gave some of those customers, such as telling them their old meters just weren’t as accurate as the smart meters. “There’s no doubt that PG an E has lied to its customers when it comes to replacing the old meters with the new meters and somehow saying the old meters were defective,” Florez said. Ok here we go again if the old meters are so defective, why? has PG an E kept the old meters around since 1905 when it was founded. I say this is a big utility trying to stick it to the consumer again. PG an E knows we don’t have a choice. If everyone is dependent on gas and electricity, then PG an E can install these smart meters and that’s  that. When our bills become outrageously high, and we complain I hope the government steps in and investigates PG an E. It’s going to be a sad situation when people can’t afford to pay there bill and there PG an E gets turned off. I have not had the smart meter installed yet, but it’s coming next month, you can best believe I will be monitoring my bill every closely. Consumers if your bill is outrageously high after the smart meter is installed complain to your government officials, if they get enough complaints PG an E will hopefully be investigated.


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods

w:Tiger Woods doing a photo shoot.Image via Wikipedia

85 days after his early-morning car crash and subsequent blockbuster sex scandal, Tiger Woods apologized to the world Friday morning, with a 14-minute televised speech, that offered a mixed bag of reactions.
One trend saw men to be more forgiving than woman!  ABC's George Stephanopoulos called Tiger's speech "one of the most remarkable apologies ever by a public figure". CBS's David Feherty agreed, saying, "I've never seen him appear so vulnerable...I was very impressed with what he said".
TMZ's Harvey Levin Twittered that, "Tiger's speech hit the high notes in a big way", while Donald Trump was actually disappointed Woods even apologized, telling 'Forbes'..."I hate seeing Tiger apologize.  I'd rather watch him win golf tournaments and have a great life".
However, commentary from female viewers was much more cynical.  Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren sharply criticized the speech, saying: "Tiger Woods telling the media to be good and responsible to his wife...he's telling OTHERS to be good to his wife?  Maybe HE should have been".
'Jezebel.Com' praised Tiger's defending his wife, but questioned his motives for apology, saying, "this--and his now-notorious failings...make it hard to believe anything he says".  Other notable women claim this was Tiger's ploy to save sponsors, and that his robotic, forced body-language made him seem NOT sorry at all.
Upon listening to San Francisco's all-sports radio station KNBR-680, I heard co-hosts Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert comment that Tiger looked as if he practiced the speech in the mirror, and that perhaps he rehearsed both his voice inflections, and how to play to to the camera.
Personally, I do NOT completely concur, however, before offering my reaction.(On my Birthday no less!)... I'll even include a response from one of my closest friends. He offers that since Tiger's wife Elin didn't show-up, she will probably never be intimate with him again....and, since he can't be with anyone else because of this mess, Tiger must now face a life of celibacy!
I told my friend that he MAY BE stretching it a bit!  I actually listened to the speech on car-radio first, and then ran inside to rewind my DVR recorder and watch it on TV. From both perceptions, Tiger basically sold me!
What he did say WAS written-out first, however, there was sincerity in his voice for all 14-minutes.! He seemed to hold nothing back, and left no part of what he truly needed to be sorry for... out there drifting in the wind.
 He not only brought everything  to the table regarding his infidelities, he also apologized to everyone, including those so very important youngsters who look up to him.
Often trembling and stumbling, Tiger revealed an imperfection that was refreshing,  if not more believable....thus making his defense of wife Elin, and the denial of any performance enhancing drug use, even more convincing.
Not only did Tiger assume ALL the blame for EVERYTHING he did wrong, he shared a solid plan for a life cure following a long, therapeutic and clinical battle, which he vows to endure to the bitter end.
He also affirmed the dire need to forever live by the same standards and boundaries as we all do, begging in one  final plea...that we "come to believe in him again", one day!
As for the future of his marriage and family, that is something he and Elin need to work out alone between themselves, as he put it. I for ONE, wish them success, and hope you will too...on further thought.
After all, the bottom line is...doesn't everyone deserve that often-mentioned second chance, even Tiger Woods?  I think he does!
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Bayview Hunters PointImage by peterme via Flickr

Gina Fromer grew up in the Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco California, she is giving back to her community. The Bayview Hunters Point district is  the violent part of San Francisco. I spent the first three years of my life living in Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco, and my mother told me that it was not a safe place to raise kids. Bayview Hunters Point has always had a problem with the gang violence and drugs. Gina Fromer is now the executive director of the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.
Gina says there mission at the YMCA is “to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities”. Gina has been the director for the past three years, in that time she has started a child development center, community kitchen and care program a teen alternative. I say congratulations to Gina Fromer for making a difference her community.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


VALLEJO, CA - MAY 07:  Vallejo Police Departme...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

When I was a growing up, I remember going to Vallejo to visit relatives it was all ways a fun time. There was no violence that I was aware of, not like today. The economy is hitting the City of Vallejo hard, with the cities budget issues they had to lay off dozens of officers. Crime in Vallejo is up, in the past two weeks they have had assaults and shootings.
Just last Wednesday February 3, 2010 six  men attacked and robbed a Vallejo city worker, how dumb were these six men it was all caught on tape. There’s no getting away with it, I hope they do serious time we do not need punks like that on the streets. On Thursday afternoon February 4.
2010 a 15 year old boy shot a ice cream lady, while attempting to rob her.
I don’t know what this kid was thinking or he wasn’t thinking he probably just got $50.00 or less now his life is ruined. On February 8, 2010 a 42 year old  man was shot outside of his home. The people of Vallejo are scared their calling about security alarms and weapons. I think the City of Vallejo is going to have to get together with the community and come up with some kind of solution to this problem. It is ashamed to hear about Vallejo being so violent, when I remember it being so fun back in the day.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


DALY CITY, CA - APRIL 23:  The Toyota logo is ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Being a Toyota owner I say it’s about time they fix the sticking gas pedal. I’m fortunate that my vehicle is not a part of the recall, but it is unfortunate for the people were in major accidents and lost their lives because of the sticking gas pedal. In September Toyota issued a warning to owners to remove the floor mats they could get stuck under the gas pedal.
In November 2009 there were a estimated 2000 cases in which owners of Toyota Cars including Camry, Prius and Lexus reported that their cars would surge without warning up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. Toyota still insisted that it was the floor mat,  the owners said that was not the case. Toyota was not listening to 2000 Toyota owners, now three months later a million plus Toyota’s had to be recalled. That goes to show you that these big car companies our out for the money. They charge us a arm, leg and our life, so they can get rich and not caring for the people who are making them rich.


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