Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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Being a Toyota owner I say it’s about time they fix the sticking gas pedal. I’m fortunate that my vehicle is not a part of the recall, but it is unfortunate for the people were in major accidents and lost their lives because of the sticking gas pedal. In September Toyota issued a warning to owners to remove the floor mats they could get stuck under the gas pedal.
In November 2009 there were a estimated 2000 cases in which owners of Toyota Cars including Camry, Prius and Lexus reported that their cars would surge without warning up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. Toyota still insisted that it was the floor mat,  the owners said that was not the case. Toyota was not listening to 2000 Toyota owners, now three months later a million plus Toyota’s had to be recalled. That goes to show you that these big car companies our out for the money. They charge us a arm, leg and our life, so they can get rich and not caring for the people who are making them rich.



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  1. We need to go after the professulas who inflicted America-hating Trotskyite Deming Juran Japanaese participative management on this country! Industrial engineering is soviet economics because they don't believe in regular economics.