Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meg Whitman Buying The Governorship

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Meg Whitman Buying The Governorship

Meg Whitman is spending millions of dollars trying to become the next Governor of California. She is almost up to $100 million dollars, Wow!
that’s a lot of money. Do you every wonder where all this money goes?  I know I sure do. It probably goes to special interest groups to get their votes. I know it’s her money and she can do with it as she please. Really!
does Meg fill a little bad about spending this kind of money when the economy is suffering. Apparently not!

Meg Whitman advertisements say she will not raise taxes on Americans, we’ll see. All these politicians say what the people want to here when they are trying to get elected. When they get into office they suddenly catch a case of amnesia. I think they should put a spending cap on politicians running for office. It should be nothing over lets say $50,000.00, lets see if they can when on the issues instead of how much money they have. Meg Whitman your trying to buy the Governorship, I say shame on you. Your money could help a lot of programs instead of what it’s going to. Well we will all see in November if it was worth the money.

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