Friday, November 19, 2010


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The sentencing of Johannes Mehserle did not surprise me one bit. This
kind of injustice against people of color has been going on for centuries.
Johannes Mehserle gets sentenced to two years and is going to serve only
seventy two days. Really! Taking a mans life is not as important as
killing a dog. Michael Vick had to serve twenty three months for his
crime. What in the heck is wrong with our justice system. Just because
Mehserle was a police officer he got away with taking a life. Police
officers all over this country have been taking lives and getting away
with it. I say that's bull crap! People get sentenced to prison for years
for doing drugs, their not hurting anyone but themselves. Know wonder
people of color in the cities all over America don't like or trust law

What happened at the Bart station in Oakland California happens more
often then people want to believe, I say to those non believers, people
take the blinders off and wake the heck up.This could have happened to
anybody of color, and it will continue to happen as long as we have cops
like Johannes Mehserle on police forces all over this country. People I
know are always getting harassed by the police just because of the color
of their skin. Oscar Grant was face down and was not resisting arrest ,
but yet he's dead. I feel Mehserle meant to shoot Grant he knew darn well
the difference between his gun and his tasser. Johannes Mehserle is lying
and he knows it and God knows it and he will have to face what he did
one. Johannes Mehserle and all police officers who have taking a life
unjustly, know the saying "do on to others as you would have them do
on to you."

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Philippine CheckImage via WikipediaYou here in the news all time people committing fraud. Taking  peoples life savings, ruining their credit and possibly getting them charged with fraud just because they were sent a check for thousands of dollars. The check looks real it's from a well known bank. With economic times being so hard, the average person would deposit it in their checking account. The bank more than likely would accept it not thinking twice about it. Then a week or two goes by, the check does not clear. The banks calling  and asking you when, how, where did you get the check and threatening to charge you with fraud.

 I live in San Jose California,  I received a check while I was on vacation,  when I got back I was going through my mail, I open up this FedEx envelope there was this white envelope inside and nothing else. So I open it up and it is a check for $2,150, automatically I said who would send me a check out of the blue I could not think of anyone. I called the phone number on the FedEx package and left a message for the sender to call me back and let me know why they sent me this check. After a couple of days not hearing from the sender,  I got on the Internet and found the number of the company who supposed to have sent the check The Methodist Hospital Harvey Smith 6565 Fannin St. Houstin TX 77030 called them and they said they don't send checks by FedEx it's fake. I knew that this check was to good to be true. The check was draw on JP Morgan Chase Bank 10430 Highland Manor Dr. 3rd Floor Tampa FL. 336610-0000.

People I know times are hard and money is tight, so if you get receive a check by FedEx, UPS or by regular mail. Do your homework don't take it as a gift from God or who ever. Check it out throughly it could save you a lot of aggravation. Like my mother used to say "all money is not good money".Word to the wise don't be a victim.

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