Friday, December 30, 2011

San Jose Man Wielding Machete Caused Five Hour Standoff


A 44 year old man was ask to turn down his music at 2:47am on December 29, 2011 by the security officer at the Capitol Village apartments in San Jose he refused. This caused a five hour standoff with police, and caused the people of the apartment complex to be evacuated. When this man finally came out of his apartment he was wielding a machete and carrying a bottle to alcohol. This drunken idiot threatened the officers, but the officers held their cool and let the police dog take down the man this was at 7:45am. I say great job San Jose Police Department for not shooting and letting the dog do his job. Police dogs are awesome! This man was lucky he didn't get shot.   

Monday, December 26, 2011

Man standing in line Fires Gun Outside Hill Top Mall in Richmond California

Shopping malls all over the country are being flooded with people trying to get their last minute Christmas shopping done. Some people are not in the happy Christmas spirit. In Richmond California on December 23rd at the Hill Top Mall hundreds of people were lined up to buy the limited-edition Nike Air Jordan Retro Concord shoes. Some 24 year old idiot for reasons not yet known decided to fire a gun that was in his pocket. I’m wondering what in the world would posse someone to do something so crazy, is this shoe worth risking lives for. I don’t think so! Well now this 24 year old idiot will spend Christmas in jail eating a government cheese sandwich, that’s what he gets for being so darn stupid.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Man and Women in Modesto Arrested for Using Salvation Army Bell and Kettle

On Sunday in Modesto California, a 25 year old man and women were arrested outside of Wal-Mart store for using a Salvation Army Bell and Kettle. They were collecting money for themselves; little did they know Salvation Army does not collect money on Sunday. It’s a shame that during the holidays it brings out the worst in some people. People scamming the public out of their hard earn money. The public trying to give what little they have to what they think is a good cause and to find out that it is a scam. That’s why a lot of people don’t give more because of people like Domonick Carrie and Khalillah Williams. I just want to say, all of you who like to give remember Salvation Army does not collect money on Sunday. This could have happened in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, and Stockton and probably did at some time or another. So people beware, and Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 9, 2011

70 Occupy Protester Arrested in Raid at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco

The Occupy Wall Street protester in San Francisco who took over Justin Herman Plaza in mid-October was raided and dismantled by police on December 7, 2011 in the early morning. The Occupy leadership and city official’s negotiations had broken down. City officials declared it to be public safety and health hazard; they had enough after what happened on December 3, 2011 the incident with the two protesters and the police officer who was hit in the face guard with a metal chair resulting in minor injuries. It seems to me you always have some stupid person who decides to throw a chair or something else, causing a non-violent protest to become violent this makes the majority of the protesters seems bad. When in actuality the protest is for a good cause. Now the Occupy San Francisco movement has to find another place to protest, they were offered a school at 16th and Mission, but they could not come together on whether to relocate. I think they should have taking the offer, at least they would have had a safe place to plan their tragedy to keep on protesting what they believed in bank bailouts and economic injustice. Actions of a two cause harm to the many!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Year Old Boy Shot In the Head in Oakland

On Tuesday November 29, 2011 there was another violent shooting in Oakland California, where a rap music video was being filmed. Twenty people gathered outside of State Market liquor store in West Oakland, including a one year old baby boy who was held by his father Hiram Lawrence. When gunmen started shooting, Hiram Lawrence was shot in the hand and his one year old son was shot in the head. Seven other people were shot a man and women were critically wounded, other five people did not sustain serious injury. Out of the twenty people who were there nobody has come forward to help the police find out who the shooters were. My sympathy goes out to the family of the one year old, but what I don’t get is why did Hiram Lawrence would have is one year old son at a rap music video shoot. People in the video were posing with liquor bottles in front of the store this is clearly not an atmosphere for any child. That little baby boy should not have been there. Our children are our future, children are very perceptive they watch and see everything. If they grow up seeing the violence they are more than likely to think this way a life is the normal and continue the cycle. I hope the Oakland Police Department find the persons who shot into the coward of people these individuals need to be taking off the streets of Oakland.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement Protester Being Pepper Sprayed

Non-violet Occupy Wall Street protesters being pepper sprayed at UC Davis in Sacramento California. I was watching this on the news I could not believe the one officer, he was walking back a forth like he was spraying a bunch of weeds. All they were doing was sitting on the side walk with their arms locked not confrontational, the amount of pepper spray he was using was excessive. If they were in the officer face screaming, hollering and advancing toward the officer then I could see using pepper spray. This is happening in other cities all over the United States in Seattle Washington an 84 year old woman and a pregnant woman were pepper sprayed. In New York City Occupy Wall Street protesters were pepper sprayed by police. Although in Oakland California the Occupy encampment was disbanded peacefully two times by police, the police vowed it won’t rise again. What if it does? Are the people of Oakland going to be pepper sprayed, like in Sacramento, New York City and Seattle, Washington? The Occupied movement is going strong and I don’t see it going away any time soon. I think if the police keep pepper spraying non-violet protesters the people are going to start fighting back, things will get ugly and one wants that.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Domestic Violence Shelters in the Bay Area are Struggling

All over the Bay Area domestic violence shelters are struggling to meet the needs of women who have no where to turn. Budget cuts in cities like San Jose, San Mateo, Fremont, Oakland and San Francisco are causing these shelters to turn people away and these shelters are staying full for a year or more. This woman Melissa Strawn and her two boys, tried to seek refugee in a San Jose shelter, but they were full the only bed in the 97 shelters through out the bay area was in Concord. It is a shame the governments in cities not just in San Jose, San Francisco, Fremont and Oakland, all over the United States cut services that people need so desperately. That is why we need more affordable housing and jobs. I think if the government would give big business and small more of an incentive  to hire and to keep their business in the United States just maybe we would not be in the situation were in now. What do you think will fix this situation?


Monday, November 7, 2011

Major Banks Will Not Charge Debit Card Fees


I say yes! It is working. The major banks Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America with their greed were going to charge the consumers a fee for using their debit cards when they make a purchase. I am a Bank of America customer and I was getting ready to close my account and go some where else; because to pay five dollars every time I used my debit card is unacceptable. I use my debit at least four times a week that is twenty dollars. I don’t have eighty dollars to be giving Bank of America once a month. The Wall Street Occupy movement is protesting this kind of greed from the big banks, but the consumer threatened to withhold their business from the big banks and it worked. Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America are backing off from charging the three and five dollars debit card fees. The consumer said were not having it, you greedy S.O.B’s. The Occupy all over America is taking hold in cities like Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley and San Jose and I see it getting bigger and bigger.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement In Cities All Over America


It is about time! People all over America are saying ENOUGH! Is ENOUGH! They are protesting some of the wealthiest executives in America jeering, “Tax the rich!” and “Where’s my bailout?” Protesters have been arrested in Washington D.C. for protesting inside a U.S. Senate office Building. In Northern California the Bay Area is starting its movement. The San Jose Occupy Wall Street protesters are remaining polite while they receive citations. Mayor Chuck Reed on Tuesday said he hopes the protesters have an impact on the Obama administration’s willingness “to do something about the lying, stealing and cheating going on in Wall Street, “ he said. “I didn’t hear anybody out there complaining about Apple making big profits, “he said. “So it’s not just corporate greed in general. It’s a little more targeted than that. “San Jose Mayor Reed said San Jose filed a law suit against some Wall Street investment banks for “ripping us off on some bond issuances. “ A city official in Oakland has joined the Occupy Wall Street cause to show solidarity to the cause. New York protesters are demonstrating outside buildings of Rupert Murdoch media mogul, Jamie Dimon JP Chase Chairman and CEO and David Koch oil tycoon where they have homes. The Occupy Wall Street protesters in San Francisco protested in front of the Federal Reserve Bank. In San Ramon protesters, protested the government’s subsidization of Big Oil companies at the Chevron’s corporate headquarters. Palo Alto and Walnut Creek are protesting against banks, because of the bail out they received. Some Republicans are accusing the demonstrators of wagging a “class war.” If they would open their eyes they would see that the economy is not going to improve if they keep trying to keep it the way it has been for years people want to work. I am a person who feels that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor you should pay what you owe. It is not fair for the rich to keep getting rich just because the government has had this 2 percent “millionaires” tax for years. It is well over due to end this is a outrageous tax and stop given the wealthy and the corporation any more tax breaks and bail outs. It is time for a New Deal, people should be taxed according to what they make and not given breaks because their rich…


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bay Area Loses Two Similiar Icons!

The world, our nation, and the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area lost two of its legendary, iconic leaders this past Apple Computer Founder/CEO 'Steve Jobs' passed away Wednesday at his home in Palo Alto, California at the age of 56, while Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis died Saturday, less than 40-miles away at his home in Piedmont, California at the age of 82.
Though separated in age by 26-years, both were known as short-tempered, tyrannical mavericks who out-worked their employees, and out-gutt fought anyone standing in the way of their progress, thus paving the paths by which these two un-common genius's pioneered and revolutionized their respective industries on a world-wide scale!
Davis helped mold and grow the National Football League into a titanic industry, while steam rolling the Raiders into one of the winning est sports franchises of its age, while Jobs spear-headed world technology by launching the personal computer, and enhancing our way of listening to music and viewing film animation.
Both Davis and Jobs were born years ahead of their time, suffering no fools in their relentless pursuit of success, each possessing an un-matched eye for talented personnel, and strict intolerance for anything less!
This left un-admirable impressions on their many detractors, however, both men had their soft sides....each revealing charity, support, and un-matched generosity, which neither Davis nor Jobs called attention to--and both strongly rewarded loyalty, not just from employees and friends, but from all people who surrounded and supported them!
While it's well documented that Davis and Jobs made numerous enemies of those they trampled on their way up, I had a chance to meet and work with both of these leaders at different times over the past 25-years, and to me....their personalities were anything but arrogant, viscous, destructive or tyrannical!
As a limo driver from 1995 thru 2001 I chauffeured Jobs and his family (wife Loreen and three children, Reed, Erin, and Eve), along with many of his corporate executives, managers, and top-name celebrities who visited him either at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, or at his home in Palo Alto. 
Like most of them, Jobs was nothing short of kind, caring, thoughtful, and thorough....far from the impatient, "whipper-snapper" I'd so often heard about!
I remember driving he and wife Loreen to San Francisco for the premier of "Toy Story-2" (Jobs was also Founder and CEO of 'Pixar Animation'), and as they conversed in the back seat of my sedan, I noticed his deep, romantic affection for Loreen, and their shared, mutual love and nurturing thoughts concerning their children.
Jobs was more a romantic than a dictator, and though his perfectionist, hands-on approach often led him to bark out orders (even in limousines), he never issued more than a polite suggestion to me.
I especially recall his happy, smiling mood one night wearing a tuxedo in 1997, after I drove him home and congratulated him upon being RE-appointed Apple's Chief Executive. (I only wish I'd bought more apple stock then!)
As for meeting Al Davis for the first time, it was intimidating, especially since I grew up a true Raider fanatic, and was more or less ordered to approach him after he spoke at the 'Nugget" Hotel-Casino in Carson City, Nevada.
In 1982 I was a TV cameraman shooting for the NBC affiliate in Reno, and we (my reporter and I) were there covering the Nevada State Legislature...when out of nowhere we stumble onto this press luncheon hosting the legendary Raider Boss.
My reporter immediately urged me to "get up there and grab him for a one-on-one interview", and I just happened to be wearing my silver and black windbreaker with white striped lining, and he immediately locked onto I moved toward him.
He was very kind and cordial to me but said, "no thanks, not right now. I really like that jacket though--you must be a Raid-ahh's fan!"  I said, "you bet!"...and he raised his fist exclaiming, "good to hear that!"
Three-years later I was the TV reporter, a sportscaster from Bakersfield, California doing a five-part mini series on the LA Raiders at their training camp in Oxnard, California.
I got every shot and interview I sought that day except for Mr. Davis....who'd been elusively prowling every corner of the field, as if to appear un-noticed before suddenly sneaking up to tease players (I recall him cackling beside Lester Hayes), before quickly disappearing again.
I really wanted to get an interview, or at least a shot of Mr. Davis on tape, however, when asking permission from his executive assistant Gil Hererra, he told me,"don't even try, don't even get near him, or he'll boot you out of here."
To this day I don't know what force prompted me, but I said..."to hell with it"...and finally approached him a bit later when he stood alone, and fairly close by.
Once again, Al Davis was cordial to me, this time saying "no thanks Pete, I'd ratha you get shots of Tom (Headcoach Flores) and the team...but thanks faa commin all the way from bak-ahh'sfield to covaah the Rad-ahh's".
Then, I told him how much I enjoyed growing up a die-hard fan, following all the great Raider playoff wins, and the incredible, miracle comebacks! He said, "yea...there wah many great ones!" 
Suddenly, I recalled the 1976 season opener in Oakland against the Pittsburgh Steelers in which the Raiders rallied from 14-points down in the final five-minutes to win. That victory led to their first Superbowl Championship. 
His eyes lit up, and we went back and forth detailing those final five minutes, my recall accurately matching his. He must have been impressed, because we carried on for another ten-minutes (it seemed like an hour) of detailed recollections!
Finally he closed with "thanks young man, I like that...I'm gonna remembaah you!"  I walked away, head spinning and pleased....but still without any video-tape of Davis.
I imagine without showing my dedication and reverance for the Raiders, Al Davis may not have been quite so nice to me, however, I still witnessed first hand how he, much like Steve Jobs, had a soft side that revealed itself often--especially to those who surrounded and were loyal to him.
So, as the flags at Raider Headquarters in Alameda, California, and at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino remain fluttering at half-mast, let us honor the memories of two similar, fallen legends in their own time....Steve Jobs and Al Davis, each of whom left behind thriving franchise's (The 3-2 Raiders upset Houston on Sunday, and Apple's stock has risen since Wednesday), and who's contributions made the Earth a better planet to live on for countless millions! 
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Sincerely,  PeteCam4

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunnyvale Gunman Shareef Allman

Sunnyvale and Cupertino was on lock down on October 5, 2011, Shareef Allman walked into Lehigh Hanson’s Permanente Cement Plant in Sunnyvale with a Glock and AK47, targeting certain individuals. Allman killed three and injured six. Allman shot a injured an woman trying to car jack her in Hewlett Packard parking lot in Cupertino, What could have made this nonviolent father of two, book author on the evils of domestic violence and San Jose’s cable TV show host of CreaTV go off. The victims that were killed were described by relatives and friends as hardworking family men. I’m wondering why Allman had all those of guns in his possession, was he planning it. To have an AK47 in your possession you’re out to due some damage. Allman was shot and killed on Thursday morning October 6, 2011. I have family members that knew him personally and they can’t believe it. With everything that is going on in this world, people are on edge you never know what people are going through or what‘s on their mind, so be careful what you say and do to people.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Streets of East Palo Alto Are A Death Trap


On September 21, 2011 the community of East Palo Alto was awaken to a car chase and a fatal accident. At 5:25 a.m. a woman that lived on the 400 block of Bell Street called the police said “someone is trying to break in my house”. The police saw a dark colored Land-Rover attempted to pull it over, but the driver fled. While fleeing the driver of the Land-Rover hit a motorcyclist, East Palo Alto’s 50 year old Danny Lee Dixon causing his death. That same morning a 6 year old girl was hit by car while crossing Bay Road and Gloria Way in East Palo Alto on her way to Green Oaks Academy. The person who hit her was a teacher on her way to Costano Elementary School. This teacher had a DMV record of speeding and talking on a cell phone while driving. I can’t imagine what the family is going through and let alone the community of East Palo Alto. The 6 year old girl was due to turn 7 on October 2, 2011. The community of East Palo Alto saying that Bay Road and Gloria Way is a very dangerous intersection an 8 year old boy was hit by a car just 5 months ago. He suffered broken bones causing him to wear a body cast. What I don’t get is that they know that this intersection is so dangerous how come the City of East Palo Alto has not done anything to make it safer, like putting stop signs or stop lights. What do the people of East Palo Alto have to loose another child before someone says enough?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another "Gut-Wrenching" Search Turns Up The WORST!!

Michelle Le, the beautiful 26-year old Vietnamese nursing student who went missing from a parking garage next to Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, California four months ago, has finally been found....however, not, as her family and many thousands of supporters had faintly hoped.

Le's badly de-composed skeletal remains were discovered Saturday in a brushy, un-incorporated area in Niles Canyon between Sunol and Pleasanton, California...thus confirming what most had feared--that Michelle was abducted and slain shortly after going missing last May 27th.
This is yet another heart-searing chapter of senseless murder where, not only the immediate family, but entire communities of concerned people, whether friends, strangers, possibly you, even ME--have become entranced in the search, along with all the hopes and prayers surrounding it; only now to be slapped down in grief!
None of us can possibly imagine the utter HELL Le's family has suffered, and will continue to endure....but, based on enormous public support, thousands upon thousands of people near and far, want them to know our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with them!
I vividly remember similar horror stories, among them the still unsolved 1998 kidnap and murder of 13-year old Christina Williams in Fort Ord, Seaside California, the 1993 slumber party kidnapp and eventual strangling death of 12-year old Polly Klaas in Petaluma, California, the horrific abduction and murder of 8-year old Sandra Cantu just two years ago in Tracy, California, and even the nightmarish saga of 11-year old Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped and held captive in Antioch, California for 18-years before finally being rescued from captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido this year!
In each of these family tragedies, and countless others in and around the Bay Area, an entire nation eventually took notice, only to see another innocent life savagely snuffed out, leaving heart-broken families and angered communities to choke on it!
In each of these cases, the un-healthy emotions of family, friends, and strangers were quelled only by closure that comes from  capture and just punishment of killers like Richard Allen Davis (Polly Klass's murderer), Melissa Huckaby (Sandra Cantu's killer), and Modesto's Scott Peterson who murdered his wife Lacy and their unborn son....and now awaits the death penalty at San Quentin Prison in San Rafael, California.
In this latest tragedy,  police have already arrested and charged prime suspect Giselle Esteban, an estranged, ex-friend of Michelle Le's who is besieged with mountains of rock-solid evidence placing her at the abduction scene, in Le's abandoned car, and in the remote mountains where Le's body was found!
Among the remaining facts are exactly how Le was killed, and whether or not it will cast additional light on Esteban's alleged guilt...or vindication.
Perhaps, whatever healing that comes out of the trial will eventually inspire Michelle's family, who remain poised and gracefully thankful for all the community honor her death with a provision of comfort and support for other families suffering similar, future fates...thus, affirming what often happens to victims when good deeds absorb the ashes of evil..
I feel this dim light definitely shines on the Le family, even in the wake of Saturday's fateful news, as it has also shined on many other tragedy-suffering families throughout America.
Television star 'John Walsh' who's son was kidnapped and murdered,  has dedicated his life to hunting down crime and violent criminals with his hit show "America's Most Wanted", while 'Marc Klass' (Polly's Father) joined with others long ago to create the "Polly Klass" Foundation for Missing Children".
The optimum story comes from the woman who created (M.A.D.D) "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" ....who I actually met and interviewed in 1983 while working as a TV reporter in Reno, Nevada.  I wish I could remember her name, but I do remember her story!
Her first husband and three children were killed by a drunk driver.  Then, her second husband and THEIR two boys were killed by a drunk driver, as were her THIRD husband and THEIR only infant daughter!!!
This polite, soft spoken, humble soul--somehow managed to survive,  and keep breathing through all that...while still fighting to help prevent her mis-fortune from happening to others!  Her resilience makes anything seem possible, even if....we seemed destined to live in a world filled with EVIL!
As for Michelle Le, may God take her to rest with him in peace, may her killer receive just punishment, and may her family continue to shine even through the endurance of ultimate pain!
Nothing expresses this hope more than the family spokesperson Krystine Dinh's closing words yesterday, "Please continue praying for and supporting Michelle as our family begins the journey to ensure justice in her honor".
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Sincerely,  PeteCam4

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fall of Solyndra in Fremont California

Solyndra a solar manufacturing company in Fremont California files for
Chapter 11 on September 6, 2011 and lays off 1,100 employees.  It has been
about two years since Solyndra in Fremont California broke ground and
secured over $535-million dollar federal loan guarantee part of the
$787-billion economic stimulus package to create jobs now files
bankruptcy. How did this happen? I thought when President Obama visited in
May 2010; maybe the economy was finally going to turn around with green
tech jobs. Solyndra is not alone, Spectrawatt Inc. in Hopewell Junction,
New York filed on August 19, 2011, Evergreen Solar Inc. in Marlboro,
Mass., filed on August 15, 2011. Solyndra said “its business had run into
trouble because of difficult global business conditions, including slowing
demand for solar panels, and stiff competition.” The United States
Department of Energy said “China’s subsidies to its solar industry were
threatening the ability of Solyndra and other American manufacturers to
compete.”  Three U.S. solar companies to fail in the same year and one
month apart is unacceptable someone did not do their homework, The FBI
served a search warrant on September 8, 2011. The CEO of Solyndra Brian
Harrison is under investigating for possible fraud. The House subcommittee
wants him to testify next week they want to know how Solyndra won its
loans. The United States has been known for being the inventor of
technology. What happened? Why are we falling short?  I feel for the 1,100
employees that were laid off. The former employees of Solyndra in Fremont
Califorina have a class action lawsuit seeking severance pay. The law
makers need to stop fighting among themselves and work together to make is
nation the power it used to be. If they keep going the way they are going
this nation will keep falling short and we the people will continue to



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take me out to the BRAWL-game, take me out to the CROWD!

I'm an Oakland Raider fan who found it painful enough watching on TV as the rival 49ers took apart my team during last Saturday night's pre-season game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco...having to remind myself this was just practice!
Little did I know the REAL pain came from what the FANS were practicing in the stands, the bathrooms, and the parking lots! 
More than a handful of violent brawls and a shooting left several folks injured, three very seriously, with one man still in life-threatening condition...all of which led to 39 justified arrests, and a good chance the NFL may cancel this annual pre-season game.
Like thousands of others, I checked out the internet replays on YouTube, watching two women punch each other out, an old gray-haired man shove a younger man back down three rows of seats, a few other sustained brawls between Raider and 49er fans flayling away clad in rival jerseys, with sparce security, and young children looking on!
"What in the hell is going on here?"  I mean, sure...this is nothing new! Violence has cast itself on most sports, and not just in America but world wide.
 Check out the international history of sports violence and you'll find it all...beating deaths, mass stampedes, riots and murdered soccer referees--making what happened in San Francisco look tame!
However, it should not sway the arguement that something has got to be done, right HERE and right NOW!!
These lastest incidents have sparked another huge fire of controversy, just as the Bay Area was starting to simmer down after the "Brian Stow" incident in April, where an upstanding Giants fan (a paramedic no less) was nearly beaten to death in Los Angeles on opening day at Dodger Stadium.
Perhaps we should look to the past for possible solutions. Did fans drink and party as much before and during games back then?  What was security like at stadiums 40 years ago?  Probably much the same as today, with no secret security measures, just less people to secure!
I do remember watching my first live pro football game on September 3rd, 1967 at the Oakland Coliseum as the upstart Raiders lost to John Brody and the 49ers 13-10 in their first EVER meeting to close out that pre-season.
I saw no fights, altlhough there were probably lots of security guards, lots of beer, and just as many rowdy fans in an environment similiar to all the other NFL and AFL stadiums back then, confronted with controlling violence between rival fans in the stands!
 It was interesting to remember who the big team bosses were 44-years ago!  John Rauch coached the Raiders, Jack Christianson coached the 49ers, and then ONLY part-owner and lowly general manager Al Davis had just celebrated his 38th birthday 2-months before.
I think even big Al, and thousands more would agree with me now that security should be stepped-UP significantly in a coordinated, well-thought out way....taking into account the realization (and I agree with this) that the majority of Bay Area fans are good people, and it is just the few ignorant, stupid, low-life, substance abusing, drunkard, socially crippled bullies out looking for trouble--THAT CAUSE IT!
Finally, here's one last security measure idea, and  I thought this up myself!  Let's call it the "sophisticated fan liazon screen" and place it at every stadium entrance gate, equipped with state-of-the-art, hygenically safe breathalizer testing hoses.
Every fan over the age of 12 MUST submit to a quick alcohol breath test,  and answer an eye-to-eye question by a designated security screener. Those failing either test...don't get in!  They can re-sell their ticket on the way out!
I know this may take time and big bucks to impliment, however, imagine adding this ENTRANCE SCREEN to already upgrated security, and decreased selling of alcohol...and I think parents would find it safe to take the kids to the big game again!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man Who Shut Down San Rafael Richmond Bridge Found Dead

On August 17, 2011 Peter James Thomas 38, in the early morning shot at the
San Rafael Richmond Bridge from the Extended Stay Deluxe hotel at 1775
Francisco Blvd. in San Rafael California. Peter J Thomas robs a groceries
store and stab two employees. His stupid actions caused all kind of
headaches for law enforcement for the City of San Rafael. The San Rafael
Richmond Bridge was shut down for hours, causing the morning commute to be
all messed up. Guest at the hotel to be evacuated causing the hotel to
spend extra money to put the guest in another hotel, and all the money
that was wasted on the emergency vehicles, police standing around and
waiting. With the economy being so bad, they should have tear gassed the
room went in and ended it would have save a lot of money. The authorities
knew that Peter James Thomas was wanted in Marin County on a $70,000
warrant for burglary, weapons and drug charges. I’m saying if that was
anybody of color you can beat they would not have waited that long to end
the situation. I think Peter J Thomas knew what he was doing when he held
up in that hotel room, he probably did not want to go to jail so he killed
himself. I say oh well! At least he won’t keep causing tax payers anymore
money. I know this sounds cold blooded, but some people you just can’t


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Men Arrested In the Oakland Body Burning Case

This is a cold blooded world now days. On July 14, 2011 Monica Rodas from Union City body was found burning in the street of Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. This was the act of cold blooded individuals, to set a body on fire and throw it on to the street like a piece of trash. Oakland Homicide investigators have been questioning the two men about the murder. I feel so sad for Monica Rodas two year old son, his mother will not get to see him son grow up. I sure hope they got the right men who done this heinous act. These two individuals need to be off the streets so this will not happen to anyone else by these two evil individuals.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Francisco Police Shooting 35 Arrested

A protest in San Francisco got out of hand. On July 16, 2011 19 year old Kenneth Harding was shot nine times after he shot at the police. This all could have been avoided, only if Kenneth Harding had not ran from and shot at the police first. The San Francisco police say they approached him for not paying his fair on the light rail train. Kenneth Harding in my opinion wanted to be shot because he knew if he was arrested the police would find out about his criminal past. Kenneth was a person of interest in a fatal shooting in Washington state if he wasn‘t guilty he would have not shot at the police. What really gets me is the way some protesters hear about a police shooting and start protesting when they don’t have all the facts which lead to the shooting in the first place. San Francisco police arrested 35 people for dropping a smoke bomb at the light rail station,throwing a hammer at the police station window and failure to disperse. I feel San Francisco police were in the right. Any sane person knows that if you shoot at the police they are going to shoot back. The protesters who were arrested needed to be arrested because ignorance can cause you to do stupid stuff.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Murder

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There are people in this world that can’t have children for one reason or another. Then there are people who have children who abuse them and even
kill them just because they feel they can. This is what happened to two year old Caylee in June 2008 in Florida. Casey Anthony lied and told authorities that the nanny kidnapped Caylee. Casey misleads authorities her parents got a tattoo that said “beautiful life” and partying while her daughter was missing. This so called mother seemed to not have a care in the world from her actions. Six months later when Caylee’s body was found in the woods near the Anthony family home, Casey was caught in a lie. Why
did Casey lie for six months saying the nanny kidnapped her daughter and kept on lying if she didn’t kill her daughter? I am not surprised by the
juries decision their always finding people with no evidence what so ever guilty and people with evidence like a video tape not guilty. That is just the way our justice system is and will continue to be as long as we have lawyers who distort the facts so that juries have no way of knowing the truth from a lie. Casey Anthony is a sick b---- if she didn’t do it why did she have to lie and deceive if she was innocent? What really pissed me off was that smile when she was not found guilty that was a smile that said I got away with it. Casey knows what she did or knows what happened to her daughter and God knows what happened. Casey Anthony your judgment day is coming…


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

US Airways Serious Case of Double Standards

This young generation fashion statements are really out there. Some of the males go around with sagging pants. The definition of sag: is to hang or droop instead of remaining firm or level. My son when he was growing up would try and walk around with his pants sagging and I would pull them all the way down every time I saw them sagging.  After awhile he stopped sagging around me. On June 15, 2011 US Airways flight attendant told 20 year old DeShon Marman a University of New Mexico football player pull up his pants. His boxer shorts were showing and she thought that was indecent. The flight attendant claimed that he was showing a body part, but the surveillance video showed no skin showing. A US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline’s dress code forbids “indecent exposure or inappropriate” attire. 

On June 9, 2011 US Airways let a man wearing women under wear bra panties and thigh high stockings fly. Valerie Wunder contradicted herself she said “we don’t have a dress code policy”
Wunder said “Obviously, if their private parts are exposed, that’s not appropriate…so if they’re not exposing their private parts, they’re allowed to fly. This is outrageous! I think that this is a case of discrimination, how can you let a man wearing ladies under garments fly and make a big stink out of someone wearing sagging pants. I know if a lady tried to fly wearing her underwear she would be banned. I say shame on you US Airways for their double standard.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Union City District Schools Pay $725,000 in a Civil Rights Lawsuit

It is a shame now days that we still have racial harassment in our public schools. Parents can’t send their children to school to get an education without the fear of gangs coming on to campus and targeting them because of the color of their skin. This law suit claimed that the Union City school district ignored complaints that members of a mostly Latino gang were coming onto campuses and attacking African American students. In 2007 Vernon Eddins a student of Union City school district, was shot to death by a Latino gang. I think their civil rights were violated because their complaints were ignored for years. Union City school district should have not ignored the complaints all of these years they wouldn’t have to pay $725,000. I think the school district should have had some kind of security already in place, so anyone could not just come on to campus. It does not matter who is complaining, all of our children have the right to an education in a safe environment. As far as all gangs are concerned, they need to be sent over to Afghanistan and Iraq. They think their so bad, lets see how bad they are when their being shot back at and blown up.


Friday, June 24, 2011

What Do You Think About California Slashing Monitoring Of Gang Parolees?

The State of California is making budget cuts that could impact all of our lives. In Sacramento, The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation going to stop GPS monitoring 550 gang parolees, out of the 950 they are monitoring right now. Also there are 1.700 parolees who are on home detention. Sacramento’s Department of Corrections is going to cut this number to 500 to save the state $6 million. Thank God their keeping the GPS monitoring on the 7,550 sex offenders. This is going to happen on July 1, 2011. With the budget cuts in law enforcement, all over The State of California, will we be safe? I don’t think so! Back in 2002 my son was sitting at the bus stop on McLaughlin road in San Jose minding his own business coming home from school. When a car with five gang members of the Northenos gang jump out and tried to jump him for no reason. My son knocked down two of them and took off running up the middle of McLaughlin.
This Lady in a Black Ford SUV saw the whole thing. She rode up on the side of my son, open the door and told him to jump in. My son hesitated, but he got in, they went looking for a police officer. My son filled a report, but nothing came of it, the police said with out a positive ID they could not do anything. Over 100 police officer were laid off in San Jose in June and 1050 gang parolees aren’t going to be monitored. What’s wrong with this picture? I say everything.These gang parolees most of them will fall back to their old ways. This means more crime and I hate to say more killings. We as a community are going to have to look out for each other.
Get to know your neighbors, if you see or hear anything suspicions call the authorities.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Los Gatos Man Shoots 14 year old Girl

 Cecilia Mortensen 14 years old was shot by Jerry Wayne Steele the man who stalked and sexually assaulted her. The girl and her mother had to move
to Crescent City California to get away from this predator.  Some how he found out where they had moved too and this sick son of b---- shot Cecilia and her mother on June 14, 2011. Cecilia was taken off life
support on June 17, 2011, her mother survived. Jerry Wayne Steele the punk a-- coward shot and killed himself. I can’t for the life of me understand what the heck is wrong with our justice system. I know the
authorities had to have known that Jerry Wayne Steele was a menace to society, any time Cecilia and her mother had to move to get away from
this piece of scum. They found a kidnapping kit, stuff animal and flowers in his car, Really! I blame the authorities for Cecilia’s death too,because you’re innocent until proven guilty. I the case of sexual
assault, the law should be changed. The individual should be charged immediately no bail, get them off the streets so this kind of thing can stop happening. I live in San Jose near Los Gatos, I frequent Los Gatos
often I wonder if I have seen this scum in passing you never know.