Sunday, March 13, 2011


An 8.9 earthquake off the shore of Japan triggered a 23-foot tsunami killing thousands. People were running for their lives, but they could not escape the massive wave of water and debris. The Tsunami carried away
homes, ships, cars and people. The people living in Onahama Japan where the nuclear power plant is were told to move back two miles from the nuclear power plant in case of leakage. Now the people are evacuating because the unclear power plant is leaking. The Tsunami that hit Japan was horrific, it could have been devastating if would have happened at night. Not only did it affect Japan it also affected the Hawaiian Islands and the Western Coastal States. Hawaii and the West Coast had a warning unlike
Japan. Crescent City California harbor and docks were destroyed and damage is in the multi millions. Santa Cruz California was hit hard by this tsunami, there docks and harbor were damaged as well. Boats were swept out
to sea, but some people did not heed the warning to stay away from the beach. People were walking their dogs and had their children on the beach. These people have to be some of the stupidest idiots I have ever seen.Three men  decided to take their cameras to the Klamath River in Del Norte County to get pictures. All three were swept away by a surge two made it back to shore, but the other one is still missing. The traffic was a nightmare on highways 17 and 152. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier driver was caught in the traffic this morning it took him two and a half
hour to get back to San Jose. He saw people camped out on the side of the roads with their families they were still in their pajamas under blankets. People of California are you ready for a tsunami as big as the one that hit Japan; it is going to happen one day.


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