Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death Of Bin Laden

The number one most notorious fugitive in American history is dead, he was killed on May 1, 2011. Is it a good thing or is it a sign of something else to come? I remember when 911 happened, I got up that morning to get my kids ready for school turned on the news and saw the first plane hit the first tower. I thought what a horrible accident and started to cry for all those people who lost their lives. When the second plane hit and the news reported a terrorist attacks around the country, I became angry. I thought whoever was behind this had to pay. When we all found out that Bin Laden and his extremists were behind the attacks, the country came together and the main focus was to find Bin Laden and his extremist and kill theme. Well almost ten years later, countless lives destroyed and lost justice has been served. I am glad they didn’t capture Bin Laden and put him on trial and waste all that money and put all the people who lost someone on 911 through years of a trial. Bin Laden got what he deserved as well as the people who were with him. I fill that just because Bin Laden is dead it is not over. The news reported that Anti-American violence is at high alert, as well it should be. Just because Bin Laden’s dead there are still extremist out there wanting revenge. I feel that the Bin Laden extremist already have plans in the motion to attack Americans. I hope and pray it does not happen, but we have to be on guard for ever because we never know where and when the next big attack will take place.


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