Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Francisco Police Shooting 35 Arrested

A protest in San Francisco got out of hand. On July 16, 2011 19 year old Kenneth Harding was shot nine times after he shot at the police. This all could have been avoided, only if Kenneth Harding had not ran from and shot at the police first. The San Francisco police say they approached him for not paying his fair on the light rail train. Kenneth Harding in my opinion wanted to be shot because he knew if he was arrested the police would find out about his criminal past. Kenneth was a person of interest in a fatal shooting in Washington state if he wasn‘t guilty he would have not shot at the police. What really gets me is the way some protesters hear about a police shooting and start protesting when they don’t have all the facts which lead to the shooting in the first place. San Francisco police arrested 35 people for dropping a smoke bomb at the light rail station,throwing a hammer at the police station window and failure to disperse. I feel San Francisco police were in the right. Any sane person knows that if you shoot at the police they are going to shoot back. The protesters who were arrested needed to be arrested because ignorance can cause you to do stupid stuff.


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