Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Day Protest Got Out of Hand in Oakland and San Francisco

The May Day protests got out of hand in Northern California. In Oakland it started off peaceful, then by noon time the trouble makers started up with the Oakland Police. Some protesters with black shields with the letter “A” on it shoved the police lines, threw things at the police, pounded on police vehicles, threaten the police with a pole, 23 people were arrested. The Oakland Police in my opinion did very good to keep their composure with all they had to deal with that day. These Anarchists are trouble makers and they cause a perfectly peaceful and relevant protest to become tainted with things that they do. Thinking bad press will help the protest. Not only does the Anarchist do stupid things. In San Francisco 2 men threw pipes and bricks from on top of a building at the San Francisco police. They hit one man in the crowd in the head. What in the world was this dummy trying to prove? People like this in my opinion deserve to get treated the way they do from law enforcement because they don’t have in regards for others.


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