Friday, May 25, 2012

Oakland’s Golden State Warriors are returning to San Francisco

After 41 years Oakland’s Golden State Warriors will be back in San Francisco in 2017. In 1962 the Warriors left Philadelphia and move to Daly City right outside of San Francisco to play at the Cow Palace. The Warriors moved to Oakland -Alameda County Coliseum Arena in 1966, but the move didn’t become permanent until the Oakland Coliseum was renovated and renamed the Oracle Arena this was in 1971. That is when the Warriors became the Golden State Warriors. The new sight for the Golden State Warriors is going to be in San Francisco’s waterfront district at the foot of the Bay Bridge at Piers 30-32. This project is going to be good for San Francisco it will bring much needed jobs to the city. It is being funded privately at a cost of $300 million to $500 million. That is also good because the people of San Francisco won’t have to pay extra taxes. This new arena could have some great concerts and other events there. Some of the draw backs of this project would be the city of Oakland would be losing a lot of jobs. Will the people of Oakland be able to get jobs at the new arena and help build it? What about the traffic? What if there is a Giants game at the same time the Warriors are playing? I sure would hate to be in that traffic. Over all this seems like a good move maybe this might help the Warriors become a winning team again. Don’t hold your breath.

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