Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newtown Connecticut Community Innocence Lost

I was on a Caribbean cruise, when I heard about the mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut. I was walking through the ship and I saw a crowd of people huddled in the wine bar lounge. Where they have big screen TV’s. I stopped to see what all the commotion was and I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. Tears just started running. The first thing I thought was those poor innocent babies and that it could have been any ones child. Then I got MAD as I started listening to the facts. To hear that Nancy Lanza had purchased the guns that ultimately killed her and the 28 other innocent souls was horrible. Nancy Lanza knew her son Adam Lanza was unstable, yet she took him to a shooting range. I feel its Nancy Lanza fault for having those weapons in her possession. I know that it’s everyone’s right to bear arms. These mass shootings are getting out of hand. Some people just don’t need to have a gun or access to one. What in the world would you need with a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle, 9mm Sig Sauer and a Glock 10 mm? Guns like that are meant to do serious damage. Some people are going crazy now. They are purchasing more guns and ammunition, because their afraid that the President’s ban on assault weapons is going to pass. This would mean they would not have access to them. Is our society so numb too these mass shootings? That some people would rather go out and buy more guns instead of maybe think about not having assault weapons. I hope it does pass, because no one needs an assault weapon not unless there in the arm forces or on the police force. On December 14, 2012 from now until the end of time, the community and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut will mourn the 28 innocent souls that were lost. We at StreetwiseC Special Delivery Courier Service send our Prayers out to the Community of Newtown Connecticut.


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