Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVII was one of the most hype games ever. The Harbaugh brothers finally met in Super Bowl XLVII. They came close last year, but Jim Harbaugh the younger brother and his team could not pull it off. Most the sports analysts and sports fans were going for the 49ers. They were so underestimating the Baltimore Ravens. When the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens were going to the Super Bowl, my husband born and raised in Baltimore and a San Francisco 49er fan all his life was telling everyone don’t underestimate the Ravens. The first half of the game looked like Baltimore Ravens with a 21-6 lead and their momentum was going to carry them to a victory. When Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones ran back a 109 kick return in the third quarter opener it seemed to look like Baltimore Ravens were on their way to victory. The 49ers had the ball it was 3rd down and 13 yard to go for a first down and the stadium lights went out on the San Francisco 49ers side. The lights went out for 35 minutes. The first thing I said was they pulled the plug to stop the Ravens from getting the ball back and scoring. After the light came back on the San Francisco 49ers went on a 23 point scoring frenzy making the score 34-29. It look like the lights going off was a definitely in the 49ers favor. It was not meant to be the final score was 34-31 Baltimore Ravens. San Francisco 49ers fans don’t be bitter, the 49ers played their heart out they should be proud. There is always next year.

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