Saturday, April 13, 2013

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen in the Hot Seat

My family and I had dealings with Santa Clara County District Attorney office back in December of last year. It was awful! All we were trying to do was to find out the where about and the well-being of our 4 ½ month old daughter. Her mother took her while she was under a 51/50 evaluation. Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office was a joke. We would request to talk to a supervisor and there famous line would be we’re so sorry but that person is on vacation. Some low level person would come down and say we have an investigator on it and it is going to take some time to locate the mother and the child. We went down there for 4 weeks straight and we got the run around each time.
Jeff Rosen is under-fire over an administrative leave policy he established because he felt that his supervising attorneys got the short end by their union’s last contract settlement in 2011.  Jeff Rosen okay-ed administrative leave for 15 members of his leadership team to reimburse them for the $15,000 cut in pay. He says that Santa Clara County Labor Department approved his administrative leave plan. Rosen believes the union board members knew about it too but they say they found out last October. Some ones lying I wonder who? Jeff Rosen ran for office on morals, transparency and adherence to the letter of the law. Yea Right! These politicians make me sick. They say what the people want to hear just to get elected. Then they get in office and show their true colors.


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