Monday, June 24, 2013

American Furniture in Gilroy California Scammed Customers Out of Thousands of Dollars

Now day’s people are struggling from pay check to pay check. Every little dollar counts and I know people don’t have money to give away. There are some unscrupulous businesses out there taking peoples hard earned money and not thinking twice about it. American Furniture in Gilroy happens to be one of those businesses. The owner Peter Hung Truong of American Furniture at 8797 San Ysidro Road, next to Gold's Gym in Gilroy allegedly scammed customers out of their money. Customers would put down hundreds sometimes thousands on furniture or pay for it out right. He would promise delivery but the customers would not get their furniture. The Gilroy Police Department received three formal complaints about paying for items they never received so a fraud investigation against the owner Peter Hung Truong was opened. American Furniture had an official eviction notice was posted on the door by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's on May 23, 2013. Peter Hung Truong continued to do business despite the eviction notice. What I don’t understand if he had an eviction notice on the door didn’t the customer see it? The authorities are looking for Peter Hung Truong if you have any tips about American Furniture or Peter Truong; call the Gilroy Police Department at (408) 846-0350. Parties wishing to remain anonymous may call We-Tip at 1-800-782-7463 (800-78-Crime).

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