Wednesday, August 28, 2013

San Jose California Is Becoming Like the Wild-Wild West in Murders

Just when I finished writing about San Jose’s 31st and 32nd murders less than a week later 22 year old Ramon Garcia a father of five was shot and killed on Saturday afternoon August 24, 2013. Ramon had gotten into an argument with some guy at St. James Park in downtown San Jose. They chased him to Julian St. and 3rd street and shot him at the Tico’s Taco restaurant parking lot. He died later at the hospital. Ramon’s Aunt Patricia Lechuga said, "I asked him if he was going to stay out of trouble, stay out of jail," she said. "And he said 'yeah Tia, I'm gonna do good, I'm gonna try and do good this time and I'm gonna do it for me and my kids.” San Jose California is turning into the Wild-Wild West in murders. It’s getting like the 1700s and 1800s all over again. You get into an altercation and someone shoots you. Now days it’s hard to walk away from certain situations but you have to. You never know what will set a person off. This was San Jose’s 33nd murder so far this year. In 2012 there were 46 murders at the rate of murder going on San Jose will pass that number this year? A lot of people are talking about we need more police on the streets that is not going to help. People that have murder in their heart will continue to kill.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

People Getting Shot With Stray Bullets Is Becoming A Way of Life in the Bay Area

It seems every time I turn on the news, I hear about someone getting shot by a stray bullet. It is becoming a way of life in the San Jose and Oakland Bay Area. On August 3, 2013, 19 year old Kimberly Joyce Estrada Chico was hit by a stray bullet while riding in the passenger’s seat of a friend’s car on her way to a club in San Jose California. Kimberly Joyce Estrada Chico was aspiring to become a registered nurse at San Jose State. Johnny Zapata Lozano allegedly just happened to go outside in the early morning hours and shot off a gun. Authorities don’t believe that Kimberly was targeted. I it a shame this could have happened to anyone. Kimberly just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t stop there. On August 7, 2013 in Oakland California while they slept 20 year old Andrew Thomas and his 16 months old son Drew Jackson was shot while they slept. Andrew Thomas died at the scene and his son Drew Jackson died at the hospital. This tragedy was in the wake of the funeral of Andrew Thomas 18 year old cousin Alquino Rivera. Who was shot over the weekend? Authorities believe that the victims were targeted. What is so sad is that Drew Jackson had to die over some B.S. that his adult relatives were into. There is a disturbing statistics in Oakland California children are getting killed behind stupid sh__. Drew Jackson is the youngest victim of 21 children murdered in Oakland California since 2011. Among them is innocent Alaysha Carradine, 8 years old shot and killed when someone sprayed an apartment front door with gunfire while she was at a sleepover. Then there were Carlos Nava age 3, was killed in Oakland in August 2011 while being pushed in his stroller and Gabriel Martinez age 5 was shot dead later that year. This is alarming statistic we can’t keep losing are innocent defenseless angels. It is a shame that anybody can get a gun if you don’t have a felony. Everyone should have a physiological test. I don’t know what else we can do as a society other than banning all guns. I know that won’t happen people will be outraged. If you can think of a solution let me know.