Friday, May 16, 2014

Blog Boko Haram Islamic Militants Extremist are Stain on Humanity

Over the weeks the international community is in outrage over the kidnapping of 200 plus Nigerian girls from the government school of Chibok. This is so heartbreaking and outrageous. These militant Islamic extremist Boko Haram are a stain on humanity and need to be wipe of the face of the earth. Boko Haram means "Western education is sinful". The Boko Haram want to sell the kidnapped girls for $12.00 into slavery. All these girls want is an education to better themselves but Boko Haram are trying to prevent it.
What I don’t get is how the Nigerian government did nothing when this first happened. Were they afraid to speak up for the girls, because of repercussions of what the Boko Haram would do? Is the government of Nigeria that weak, that they can’t deal with Boko Haram? Or is it pure political, do some of these government officials support the Boko Haram? When the parents of these girls started demanding something be done and the international community became involved and  the Nigerian government started acting like they care. Now the U.S. military is consulting the Nigeria government on how to possible get the girls back.
Unfortunately this is a recurring theme in most Islamic countries women are treated like nothing. Brunei thinks when a woman is raped that it is her fault. This is the sickest thing I’ve never heard. Last week Brunei imposed new criminal codes, based on Islamic law. Harsh penalties for homosexuality and adultery, including death by stoning. Situation in Nigeria is serious. I pray that government of Nigeria along with the U.S. military do everything to bring Boko Haram to justice. My prayers are that the girls are recused. All my prayers go out to all the girls and their families.


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