Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thieves Breaking In Homes in San Jose Neighborhood Were Teens

I first heard on the news weeks ago, that thieves were breaking in homes in an Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose. On Wednesday September 24, 2014 around 10 a.m., a woman who lives off Croft Drive near Millbrook Elementary School was a concerned neighbor. She called the San Jose Police Department 911 number, she had witness two teenagers breaking in a neighbor’s house carrying out items. The police officers caught the thieves two blocks away on Yancy Drive, with the stolen items in their possession. The 15 year old teens that were two males and one female. With the help of a neighbor, the teenage thieves’ reign of thievery in this San Jose neighborhood has come to an end. Their lives will be forever changed and they deserve what they get. I have no compassion for thieves. What gets me is where were the school official’s. Is there still truancy laws in this state? What about their parents or guardians were they not notified that they were missing school? Someone missed the ball this could have been avoided. This is a lesson to all keep your eyes open and look out for your neighbors.