Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chris Brown and the Wild West at The Fiesta!!

Chris Brown and the Wild West at The Fiesta!!
By. Amero
The Fiesta was very un-festive on January 11th. Controversial singer/
rapper Chris Brown was on stage performing one of his singles “Loyal” on
stage as bullets tore through the crowd injuring five people. The KMEL
hosted ‘Capricorn Bash’ was held in San Jose, Ca at the Fiesta nightclub
on Monterey Rd. The Fiesta is long known for its inadequate security
measures in the past with several incidences that have occurred at other
venues. Why do people not value other peoples lives is a mystery to me.
First off security should at least search everybody including artists &
entourage. Second who goes out to have fun and brings a gun? I don't get
it. I was surprised that Chris Brown would do such a small venue as you
can see the stage is jam packed with security. Brown was on stage and in
videos online he is seen smiling as a fight breaks out he shouts on the mic”
them ni**as gettin it in”. What later ensued was bullets and blood and in the
end five people were shot. Four were taken to the hospital on site while
one person showed up to a hospital with injuries. Police have not made
any arrests but several party goers were detained for questioning. What's
so surprising is if you watch the video it seems as if everyone had their
camera out and recording but nobody has a picture of the shooter or
shooters. Fiesta has since been put on probation and also SJPD has
revoked Fiestas entertainment permit. The shooting is one of the latest
bumps in the road for Chris Brown. A judge recently revoked his probation
and the artist faces jail time for leaving Los Angeles County to do this show.
Browns attorney told the judge that his office had incorrectly advised Brown
that he could leave. Looks like its time for new representation Chris!! This
is tough for me to grasp because I love music its just that people need to
learn to separate reality and fiction. Music is an art form not a lifestyle to be
replicated. Just think what the world would be like if you went to an action
movie and people started shooting.All because the actor portrays a
gangster role in the movie and people wanna connect with the character.
Sounds dumb don't it? At least everyone left with their life and can go

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