Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shooting At San Francisco’s Famous Tourist Destinations Pier 14

I was born in San Francisco and lived there until I was two years old. I asked my mother when I was older, why she moved us to San Jose. Her answer was “San Francisco was not a place, she wanted to raise her children.” She told me that when she was growing up there it was hard and that the people there were very strange. Even though I did not grow up in San Francisco, I always enjoyed going back when I was older. Especially going to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, China Town, Golden Gate Bridge and walking the piers. San Francisco is one of the world’s famous tourist destination. Millions of people visit San Francisco in a year. Is this going to hurt San Francisco’s tourist trade? I say no, because people are becoming so emotionless about events like this.
On July 1, 2015 Kathryn Steinle was walking along one of San Francisco tourist destinations, Pier 14 with her father. When she was shot to death by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico. He had been deported five times. I know San Francisco is supposed to be a sanctuary city, but come on. Five times deported, that should have told somebody that this man should not be in this country. All of the city officials from the Mayor to law enforcement are blaming each other. I think their all of them are to blame. Especially I.C.E. for not coming to pick up Francisco Sanchez. This should not have happened. My prayers go out to Kathryn Steinle family and friends.


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