Monday, October 19, 2015

Homeless Encampment Was Run Over By San Jose Sleepy Driver

After “The Jungle” largest homeless encampment was closed down by the City of San Jose on December 4, 2014, San Jose’s homeless population had to find anywhere they could to live. I have seen people living on sidewalks, in parks and highway off ramps. Early Monday morning October 12, 2015, a sleepy driver runs into a homeless encampment off ramp near Highway 87 and Capitol Expressway. Three people were hurt with minor injuries. It is a shame that the City of San Jose or the State of California allows the homeless to live in such a dangerous place. I was wondering when something like this was going to happen. Thank God no was killed. Next time it could be fatal consequences if the City of San Jose or State of California keeps allowing the homeless to live like this.

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