Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chris Rock Tackles Issues with 2016 Oscar’s With Humor

I’m not a person who gets all excited when the Oscar’s are getting ready to come on. I think it is the most boring thing to watch. As boring as watching paint dry. This year I taped it because of all the controversy, of how it was an all-White Oscar. How African Americans were not nominated in any category? I am glad I taped it because Chris Rock’s speech was great. I enjoyed how he handled the Oscar boycott topic in his monologue. He touched on some real issues. Black people getting shot, cops and racism. I was looking at the audience when they showed them and I saw a lot of uncomfortable looking faces. People contemplating on whether it was alright to laugh. One thing that really stuck out was the short film with Whoopie, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones. How African American’s can only play roles in film as janitors and animals. Yes, there needs to be more diversity in Hollywood, but it has been this way for almost a century. I don’t see it changing anytime soon and personally I don’t care. The Academy in my opinion doesn’t pick the best movies. There has been a number of times when I have rented movies just because it was nominated or won an Oscar and it sucked. What a joke!


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