Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Donald Trump the 45th President Protest Break Out

Well first of all I’m glad this joke of an election is over. I saw all of this coming from the start. It was just like when that Bush character ran against Gore. The powers to be, did not want a democrat in office again so they fixed the election. The popular vote does not count. The people’s voice was not heard. The system of electoral vote should be abolished. You mean to tell me that the electoral votes in those small little counties counted more than the popular vote. Now we have our new racist, sexual deviate and the biggest bully for president. Donald Trump is our 45th president what does it all mean?

This means if Trump has his way, all you illegal aliens who don’t have your papers in order you better be scared. Donald Trump is coming for you. He’s going to round you up and ship you back to where you came from. Nobody is going to get in the country, so you might as well don’t even try. There will be no more illegal Mexicans, Asians, Middle Eastern, Europeans or Africans to work in the hotels, hospitals, tech jobs, farms, construction of roads buildings or bridges across America. He wants to put Americans back to work and make it great again. Is it going to be enough Americans qualified to do these jobs? No! For the African American male in the United States it’s going to be open season now. With the stop and frisk policy, this bigot wants to implement is totally outrageous. Like it’s not already horrific. With the police shootings of African American males for hundreds of years just because of their skin color. Is Trump going to be a puppet for the republicans to get their agenda passed? The biggest fear is if he doesn’t get his way with other nations he will start a war. The other fear that should be on everyone’s mind, is he going to be a puppet for the Russians. Yes!

This racist president of ours has truly divided our nation. As soon as he was elected, people took to the streets from the East coast to the West coast. People are raising up and protesting from New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Oakland. Thousands of people were causing traffic jams on streets and highways. There has been hundreds of arrest from coast to coast. This whole thing reminds me of those countries where civil wars have broken out because of an election. The people don’t want a president that is a sexual deviate, who does not respect women. Let alone one that wants to send Muslims, Mexicans and any other illegals back to where they came from. Even if they have been living here for years contributing to our society. I just have this to say, Donald Trump is going to keep this nation in chaos and we definitely don’t need this.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Millennium Tower

San Francisco is a famous city in California, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world visit the city by the bay in a year. It’s is known for its attractions like, Lombard Street the crookedest street in the world. Then you have the world famous Fisherman’s Wharf, China Town and Alcatraz. Now it has the Leaning Tower of Millennium. Not!

This 58 story building was completed in 2009 on Market Street on the Southside. It was supposed to be the tallest building in San Francisco. Since its completion it has been sinking and leaning. It has sunk 16 inches and it has titled 2 inches. What the heck! In 2009 Raymond Lui chief building Inspector at the time, sent a letter to the Millennium Towers engineering firm. Concerned about the “larger than excepted settlements” and “what was being done about the sinking and if the building’s structural safety could be affected.” Just like those big firms being greedy and all about the money. They sent a reply from DeSimone Consulting Engineers, that the building had already unexpectedly settled 8.3 inches. But the engineering firm concluded, “It is our professional opinion that the structures are safe.” When Aaron Peskin the City Supervisor convened a hearing on the matter and asked Lui why the building was then certified safe for occupancy. He said, “We felt they had it under control.” Now 8 years later the founding partner of Millennium Chris Jeffries said, “We did this building the right way,” and “The building is 100 percent safe.” Now it’s the blame game. Jeffries blames the building’s problems on a neighboring building site where a city rail terminal is being built. He says the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, the public agency is building the $4.5 billion transit hub, dug a 60-foot hole to create a dry construction site and forced out millions of gallons of groundwater that wound up compressing and weakening the soil under the Millennium Tower. Transbay says the tower’s “inadequate foundation is the sole cause of the excessive settlement and tilt.” It released a statement saying the building had sunk 10 inches and started to lean before the agency broke ground in 2010. All those wealthy ones who couldn’t wait to own a piece of the Millennium Tower are probably thinking twice. Like Jerry Dodson, an attorney and engineer who paid $2.1 million in 2009 for his two-bedroom apartment on the 42nd floor. The Penthouse sold for 10 million.

All I know I couldn’t live in something like that and especially in San Francisco. With the big earthquake that is bound to come. Look what happen in the 1906 earthquake 3000 people lost their lives. I couldn’t even imagine how many loss of life there will be. They better fix this problem before something horrific happens.