Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihana

The Chris Brown and Rihana relationship will require a
lot of work. I think they both need to go to some kind
of counseling. Chris Brown needs to take classes on his
anger. Rihana needs to work on anger management and how
to express her self. It seems to me like Rihana has put
hands on Chris Brown before.

A lot of the rumors that where spread came from the
press. My thoughts on the press are, there like annoying
in-laws that are in your business all the time. So my
advice to Chris Brown and Rihana, Stick to your
relationship cause only you two know what’s really going
on in your relationship. The press and friends are going
to try to tell you different things to try to change
your mine about the other person. Only Chris Brown and
Rihana know what really happend. Just leave them alone.


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