Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CHP Saving Lives in SAN JOSE

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Saturday June 6th in San Jose Ca. while stopping for a break near southbound Highway 87 off ramp to Capitol Expressway I witness acts of heroism by the California Highway Patrol. A blue pickup truck came to a stop on the shoulder of the off ramp with its horn blowing to get the attention of a parked CHP officer. It appeared the driver was experiencing a heart attack. It looked a passenger in the car assisted in bring the vehicle to a stop and the driver was slumped over the wheel. A female officer had the passenger step back while she checked out the situation and radioed for help. Seconds later two other officers arrived and carefully dragged the driver from the truck and administered cpr. They pushed on the mans chest for some time. It didn't look good. Desperately they continued both taking turns. They also talked to the man trying to revive the man with words. Suddenly I over heard "he’s breathing". Fire and an ambulance then arrived and paramedics began to work on the man. I noticed that the man was still in trouble because more cpr was used. Suddenly a man approached me and said,"It dosen't look good". "Maybe we should pray". Looking around I noticed other people checking out the incident. All with much concern. He was finally stabilized and moved to the ambulance for transport. This incident was not on the local TV news but I was able to video tape part of this amazing event. Hats off to the Highway Patrol, the unsung heroes just doing there job on our roadways.
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