Saturday, June 13, 2009

Courier and Messenger Services Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook for 2008-2009 has the following interesting outlook for couriers and messengers.
Couriers and messengers combined held about 134,000 jobs in 2006 with little to no change predicted through 2016. Despite an increasing volume of parcels, business documents, and other materials to be delivered in the coming decade, the widespread use of electronic information-handling technologies such as e-mail and fax have limited the growth of courier and messenger jobs.
Electronic transmission of many documents, forms, and other materials is replacing items that had been hand delivered. Many legal and financial documents, which formerly were delivered by hand because they required a handwritten signature, can now be delivered electronically with online signatures. However, for items that are unable to be sent electronically—such as blueprints and other oversized materials, securities, and passports—couriers and messengers will still be needed. They still will also be required by medical and dental laboratories to pick up and deliver medical samples, specimens, and other specialized deliveries like transporting donor organs for hospitals.
Although the outlook for courier and messenger services are predicted to be flat over the next decade, at Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc we’re still excited about the services that we offer to our customers. What other industry can you have the freedom to make your own day, enjoy the great outdoors, and interact with some very interesting people? Every day is exciting and different!
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