Thursday, January 21, 2010


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Rain! Rain! go away come again another day, is what we said as kids so we could go out and play. California needs the rain desperately, but this storm has been causing havoc. Lighten storms and high winds causing trees to fall on power lines, knocking out power all over the Bay Area. San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland airports has had delays since this storm started due to high winds. Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz mountains is a nightmare. There is a down Oak tree blocking road way mud slides and flooding and  that’s just the beginning the accidents have not started yet. San Mateo County has had one severe storm warning already and high surf warnings.  Petaluma has a flash flood warning  in affect. San Jose is having trouble on highways 280 and 101 with flooding and accidents. San Jose is keeping a eye on Guadalupe River for possible over running its bank. The City Of Oakland Public Works Department is providing sand bags to residents to help with flooding. Redwood City has experienced significant flooding. The hillsides above Belmont and San Carlos has had mudslides. Felton in Santa Cruz has a flash flood warning residents advised to evacuate. Monterey County high surf warning. With all this rain we so desperately need,  be vigilante of your surrounding. If your on the roads slow down give your self enough time to get were you’re going so the accidents can be kept down.


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