Thursday, February 25, 2010


PG&E Meter on Angel IslandImage by Kevin via Flickr

If you live in California, you will be getting PG&E’s Smart Meter. PG an E will be installing smart meter’s to every dwelling and business in California and you don’t have a choice. Customers in the Bakersfield Fresno and all over the Central Valley had the smart meter installed last summer and they are not happy. They went to State Senator Dean Florez and complained about how their bills were outrageously high now, even though their doing everything exactly the same. Senator Florez told CBS 5
Investigates: “I think PG an E has been less than truthful.” About What? The explanations Senator Florez said, the company gave some of those customers, such as telling them their old meters just weren’t as accurate as the smart meters. “There’s no doubt that PG an E has lied to its customers when it comes to replacing the old meters with the new meters and somehow saying the old meters were defective,” Florez said. Ok here we go again if the old meters are so defective, why? has PG an E kept the old meters around since 1905 when it was founded. I say this is a big utility trying to stick it to the consumer again. PG an E knows we don’t have a choice. If everyone is dependent on gas and electricity, then PG an E can install these smart meters and that’s  that. When our bills become outrageously high, and we complain I hope the government steps in and investigates PG an E. It’s going to be a sad situation when people can’t afford to pay there bill and there PG an E gets turned off. I have not had the smart meter installed yet, but it’s coming next month, you can best believe I will be monitoring my bill every closely. Consumers if your bill is outrageously high after the smart meter is installed complain to your government officials, if they get enough complaints PG an E will hopefully be investigated.


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  1. Going to State Senator Dean Florez to complain about the Smart Meter program is like going to the fox to complain about chickens disappearing from your chicken coop. He's in on the scam to have these meters deployed in California.

  2. As far as monitoring your bills goes, it's a good thing to be a pack-rat. I've kept every PG&E bill since I moved into my current house, over 15 years' worth. I've installed additional insulation over the years and improved weatherstripping, and I know fairly accurately what my gas consumption (therms) and electricity consumption (kilowatt-hours) should be from month-to-month throughout the year. If I see a significant deviation from historic patters, I will be able to spot it and also have the documentation to back it up.