Monday, June 7, 2010


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I felt that with these bad economic times that Arizona Senate Bill 1070, This act declares that it is a crime to reside in Arizona as an illegal immigrant, and that law enforcement has the right to demand proof of legal residence of those suspected of having illegal immigrant status. It was signed on April 23, 2010 would benefit all of us.

 I have three opinions on this matter. First of all jobs are very hard to come by these days. If  businesses keep hiring  illegal aliens and paying them less than minimum wage all the legal United States citizens out of work will continue to suffer. Second why should illegal aliens get government services, when United States citizens have a hard time getting these services themselves. Third when a illegal alien commits a crime in the Untied States some of them get away with it, because they hop on a plane, train or bus go back from where they came.

San Jose Council in my opinion should not! boycott Arizona. It would be a stupid move.  If San Jose Council is considering doing this just because, they think it’s wrong, in my opinion that’s not good enough. I think it’s wrong that San Jose Council is considering giving up millions of dollars and let alone putting jobs in jeopardy, just because they don’t think illegal aliens would report crimes because their afraid of deportation.

 I know it sounds like I am for racial profiling well I am not! I have had family members profiled because of the color of there skin or for what they were wearing. That was definitely wrong, but Arizona has the right idea, at least their trying to curtail the illegal alien problem in this country.


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