Thursday, September 9, 2010


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First of all burning of any Holy Book, I my opinion is wrong. The Rev.Terry Jones is out of his so called Christian mind, he is supposed to be a Christian but he is a devil in disguise. He is a bigot and is saying every Muslim is no good and their Quran should be burned. His actions on September 11, 2010 would open old wounds that have been trying to kneel since that horrific day nine years ago. The Rev. Terry Jones actions will get a lot of people riled up especially the Muslim community. Who knows what they will do. Over in Afghanistan their already burning the American Flag and saying down with American Christianity. The Quran hasn’t been burned yet.

Rev. Terry Jones wants to burn the Quran because the Islamic community in New York wants to build a Islamic Center near ground zero. I think if the American people don’t want it built then they should protest and make their voices heard. Well The Rev. Terry Jones called off the burning of the Quran. This is a good idea on his part, because of all the violence his actions would have had on our Military and the American people. I think some people take this freedom of speech to serious. They don’t really take into consideration the consequences of what their saying will have on someone.

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