Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Year Old Boy Shot In the Head in Oakland

On Tuesday November 29, 2011 there was another violent shooting in Oakland California, where a rap music video was being filmed. Twenty people gathered outside of State Market liquor store in West Oakland, including a one year old baby boy who was held by his father Hiram Lawrence. When gunmen started shooting, Hiram Lawrence was shot in the hand and his one year old son was shot in the head. Seven other people were shot a man and women were critically wounded, other five people did not sustain serious injury. Out of the twenty people who were there nobody has come forward to help the police find out who the shooters were. My sympathy goes out to the family of the one year old, but what I don’t get is why did Hiram Lawrence would have is one year old son at a rap music video shoot. People in the video were posing with liquor bottles in front of the store this is clearly not an atmosphere for any child. That little baby boy should not have been there. Our children are our future, children are very perceptive they watch and see everything. If they grow up seeing the violence they are more than likely to think this way a life is the normal and continue the cycle. I hope the Oakland Police Department find the persons who shot into the coward of people these individuals need to be taking off the streets of Oakland.

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  1. It was so sad to hear about the one year old boy who was shot in the head. Now they are taking him off of life support. My prayers go out to the family.