Monday, January 2, 2012

5 year old Boy Hog Tied Charged with Battery on Police Officer in Stockton

Michael Davis a rambunctious 5 years old with ADHD was arrested at Rio Calaveras Elementary in Stockton California in November of 2011. Michael has a problem with not thinking before he acts or speaks because of his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). On occasion Michael has gotten into fights with other students and even threw a chair. Rio Calaveras Elementary School in Stockton told Michael’s mother they had a plan to change Michael’s behavior. The school decided to try the scared straight tacked on Michael; they brought in a police officer to talk to Michael. Lt. Frank Gordo sat down to talk to Michael when he put his hand on Michael’s hand, Michael batted it away pushed papers off the table and kicked Lt. Frank Gordo in the right knee. When Michael would not calm down Lt. Frank Gordo to arrested Michael and charged him with battery on a police officer. He proceeded to zip tie Michael’s hands and feet put him in the back of the squad car and took him to Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital in Stockton. First of all Lt. Frank Gordo should be ashamed of himself, he had no right to zip tie a 5 year old like he was a grown man who could do physical harm to him.  Rio Calaveras Elementary School in Stockton should also be ashamed, because they delayed in the evaluation of Michael which denied him a fair education. Michael’s mother had been asking for help. If I had hog tied my son when he was five because he would not calm down and took him to a Psychiatric Hospital I would have been arrested and charged with child abuse. Why is Lt. Frank Gordo not arrested? He should be. He does not know what he has done to this little boys mental state. Michael Davis will probably grow not trusting the police.

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  1. This gets worse. When Michael's mother spoke put about her son's treatment, Gordo then filed a "discrimination" complaint against her with the school district. Got to love that man's thinking and judgement