Saturday, February 11, 2012

California State Prisons Getting Lavish Hospitals Paid For With Tax Payers Money

How backwards is our system, when convicts health care is better than hard working taxpayers? I was watching ABC news last night the reporter was saying that San Quentin prison in Marin County built a $136 million hospital for some of the worst offenders. I was outraged when one out of four Californians have no health insurance. The reasons why this upset me is because their sending prisoners out to have sleep studies, arthroscopic surgery and blister on a toe taken care of. I have family members who work and pay taxes and they can’t afford or get any kind of help from the state for health insurance this is ridiculous! Why in the world would the State build such a lavish hospital and employ? 14 doctors and 100 nurses many earning six figure salaries when they have a podiatrist and a surgeon on staff and send prisoners out for treatment. What are they doing sitting around on their fat a-- collecting a fat pay check for doing nothing. Is it me or does anyone else think this is wrong? Jackie Clark the prison CEO took CBS on a tour of the state of the art facility saying “We have exam rooms, we have our primary care clinics, and we also have lab service, physical therapy service.” This was so outrageous I could not believe how messed up our system is when it cares more about the rights of convicts than it does about the hard working taxpayers. San Quentin in Marin County is not the only prison that is getting a state of the art hospital. Stockton California in San Joaquin County is getting $900 million hospital built from the ground up. The prison system over here is like going to Club Med, compared to some countries. In other countries you break the law you doing hard time and probably die in prison over their before you service out your sentence. Here in the good old USA the system caters to convicts no wonder it is overcrowded. I don’t think murders, rapist, child molesters and repeat offenders should have better health care than the hard working taxpayers. What do you think about this?