Thursday, March 22, 2012

17-year-old Trayvon Martin from Florida was shot dead by an Armed Neighborhood Watch Captain

On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin is minding his own business walking home from the store with snacks for watching the NBA All-Star Game, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. Little did he know that when he walked out of his house that would be the last time he would see his family and his family would see Trayvon alive? The man who shot Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman claims he feared for his life. If he was in such fear for his life why did he follow Trayvon? Common sense would be to stop following him like the 911 dispatcher told him too. George Zimmerman had intentions on doing bodily harm to Trayvon Martin. Just like he said when he was talking to the 911 dispatcher he said “These (EXPLETIVE) they always get away”, Dispatcher ask George Zimmerman “are you following him?” George Zimmer responses “Yeah” Dispatcher said “Ok, we don’t need you to do that”, but he did it anyway. If this is not a case of intent and racism, I don’t know what is. Florida’s police department did not arrest George Zimmerman on the spot or even hold him, just because he said he shot in self-defense. If this was a Black man claiming he shoot a white man in self-defense, he would have been arrested on the spot. When I heard this story I was outraged. First of all the State of Florida 2005 “Stand-Your- Ground” self-defense law could make it difficult to charge George Zimmerman with the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. That is a bunch of BULL, George Zimmerman was in pursuit of Trayvon Martin and the 911 tapes prove it. Now that the Feds are involved, I hope there will be justice for Trayvon Martin and his family. If George Zimmerman gets off it will be a travesty of justice.

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