Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Doctor at State Prison in Jamestown California Earns 239K to See No Patients

A Doctor at State Prison in Jamestown California Earns 239K to See No Patients
Here we go again another waste of taxpayers’ money by the California prison system. It really ticks me off to know that William Savage a doctor at Sierra Conservation Center in Jamestown California is getting paid $239.000.00 for seeing no patients. Yes, our hard earn tax money is paying his salary. William Savage has not seen a patient for four years, there is some kind of investigation in progress that we can’t know about because of the privacy statues. The prison system is saying he is being evaluated by his peers to see if he is competent to practice. It does not take four years to see if a doctor is competent, that’s a bunch of BULL! On top of all that money the prison system is paying Dr. William Savage, they had the nerve to hired Daryl Wien as a physician’s assistant to Dr. Savage. They were paying him a salary of $18,000 a year to cover what duties Dr. Savage was suppose to perform. This is the most waste full act of tax payers’ money I have ever seen. This makes me not want to pay taxes, to know that my hard earned money is going to a person who is not doing anything and still is getting paid. How wrong is this? Do you know it takes about $45,000 a year to house an inmate and a third of that cost is for health care? The prison system in California is messed up it needs to stop putting money into its hospitals and giving inmates all this good medical care and paying doctors theses high prices salaries. The state of California should give the money to the tax payers who are doing the right thing, not the inmates who committed crimes. Some people would say this is harsh, but times a hard in this real world. What would you rather have a well feed healthy prisoner or health care and money in your pocket for you or your family?

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