Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newark Football Star Stabbed to Death

On April 28, 2012 18-year-old Osana Futi a star running back at Newark Memorial High School was stabbed at a house party in Fremont California. When police responded to a loud party and reports of gunshots they found Osana Futi stabbed and bleeding. Osana Futi was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at the hospital. The man who was arrested for the stabbing Osana Futi was another 18-year old from Fremont named Abraham Hade. Three male juveniles were also arrested on accessories. It is sad that the youth of today are killing each other.
Osana Futi life was cut short and the young men who did the crime as well. Osana Futi had some anger issues in the past, because his best friend was killed. Osana Futi was getting his life together he was looking forward to graduating and going to college. What could have been that serious? The youth of today are so, quick to pick up guns and knives to settle disputes they think it shows how hard and gangster they are, but it really shows how utterly stupid they really are. Youth of today stop killing each other!

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