Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Movie Massacre 

People have been anticipating Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. Little did they know that it would be a true horror show, with innocent people being killed? In Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 during the midnight premiere of Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”. University of Colorado PhD student James Holmes went on a shooting rampage, at the Century 16 Movie Theaters. James Holmes burst into the theater in the middle of the show. He set off smoke bombs and walked up and down the aisles, firing as many as four weapons at movie viewers. When it was all over, he had killed 12 and injured 59. Christopher Ramos who was at the movie said, "People were running everywhere, running on top of me, like kicking me, jumping over me. And there were bodies on the ground," Ramos said. "I froze up. I was scared. I honestly thought I was going to die." "The image in our heads is stuck in there. I still have the ticket right here and honestly, I'm never going to forget this night at all. Because it was the first time I saw something that was real. Like a real-life nightmare that was there, not dreaming of." A witness said "You just smelled smoke and you just kept hearing it, you just heard bam bam bam non-stop. The gunman never had to reload. Shots just kept going, kept going, kept going." Another witness said, "I'm with coworkers and we're on the floor praying to God we don't get shot, and the gunshots continue on and on, and when the sound finally stopped, we started to get up and people were just bleeding." When James Holmes was captured by police in the parking lot, he was still wearing a bullet-proof vest, riot helmet, and gas mask. James Holmes had three weapons, an AR-15 assault rifle, which can hold upwards of 100 rounds, a Remington 12 gauge shot gun, and a .40 Glock handgun. 

He informed the police that his apartment was booby-trapped. Authorities said “the flammable and explosive" materials could have blown up Holmes' apartment building and the ones near it. You never know what sets a person off. James Holmes did not care who he shot. He shot a 3 month old baby, kids, teens, men and women. I think they should ban assault weapons. Every mass shooting by a gunman in this country has been with assault weapons. I don’t think that anybody should own more than one gun. Let alone an assault weapon. Assault weapons should only be used by law enforcement and the military. My prayers go out to the people of Aurora, Colorado. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Freight Service makes deliveries to Colorado and other major cities in the continental United States


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