Thursday, October 25, 2012

Presidential Debates Are Over

After all is said and done the Presidential Debates, really got on my last nerve. President Obama stood back in the first one like he did not want to be there. Mitt Romney was feeling himself and spewing lies. I don’t blame the President for his lack of participation. Mitt Romney stood there changing what he had been saying for months about the economy, women’s rights, Medicare, the 47%, and foreign policy. Just listening to an idiot like Mitt Romney would make anyone wish they weren't there. President Obama would answer the question that was asked, but Mitt Romney would only talk about what he thought the President did not do in his four years. Mitt Romney is so wishy washy he reminds me of that Bush character. Overall the debates President Obama made more sense than Mitt Romney he shut Romney down in the last two.  I woke up this morning October 27, 2012 listening to the news. The media was reporting that Mitt Romney has a slight lead over President Obama. Of course the press is disguising the truth. The media makes money off political advertising, and the one thing that fuels the election cycle like none other is the presidential race. We will see on November 6, 2012 on what kind of President will have one that is for all the people or one that is for a few people. 


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