Friday, September 13, 2013

Morgan Hill Preschool Teacher Deborah Gratz Who Tried To Drug Children Has Been Sentenced

In March of this year Deborah Gratz was caught trying to drug children at Kiddie Academy in Morgan Hill. She was caught by another employee, crushing up sleeping pills up in the children’s sippy cups. No children were hurt, she was stopped before they drank it. Deborah Gratz was sentenced on September 9, 2013 six months in jail and four years of probation. Are you kidding me! That’s all she got, a slap on the hand. You get a bigger sentence for harming an animal. The Santa Clara DA’s office is a joke. Santa Clara County prosecutor Sumerle Davis said "I wanted her to be granted probation, but also wanted her to do some custody time," said Davis. "There are parents who might have liked to see more time, but this is a fair resolution. ... It's very unsettling for parents to think that they could leave their child in someone's care and then be betrayed like this." Who knows how long she had been doing this to the children, before she got caught. If you ask me she should have got the book thrown at her. So it would deter anyone else from trying to harm our innocent children.


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