Thursday, July 31, 2014

The homeless people in San Jose don’t stand a chance

The homeless people in San Jose don’t stand a chance. If they're lucky enough to avoid the people who are disgusted by them, they still have to deal with those so called advocates who say they want to help. Are they really helping? I don’t think so. San Jose has been dealing with the homeless for many years and it gets bigger by the day. I grew up in San Jose and I can see how it has changed for the good and bad. More than half of the population in San Jose is one paycheck away from being homeless. A lot of the homeless people out there choose to be homeless. I say this because I have an uncle who is homeless. He explained that he does not have to worry about rent, electricity or water.He say's he can just get up and go when he feels like it. I respect his choice. What about the people and families who don’t choose to be homeless but are homeless due to their circumstances. Who is helping them? San Jose and Santa Clara County sure is not helping much. I see fathers, mothers and children on the corners with signs saying, homeless please help. It breaks my heart. I give what I have, be it food or money. Some people think it is a scam. All I say is if it is then they will have to deal with their own deceit. Santa Clara County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. There are apartment high rises going up and football stadiums being built. But there is nothing the City of San Jose and the County of Santa Clara can do about its homeless situation. I don’t believe that, the homeless are not a priority. The majority of the homeless community in San Jose live in a place called "The Jungle" encampment. It is 65 acres bordering Coyote Creek in San Jose and it can be home to up to 1,750 people that's what the city says. It's more like 2,800 in an area covering several miles out to Berryessa Road near the flea market. It is the largest homeless encampment in the United States. San Jose’s “The Jungle” community has a mixture of kids, moms, dads, convicts and the mentally ill. The Jungle is a desperate mix of people out of whatever options they might have once had. “The Jungle” is mixed in with high priced and low priced communities in San Jose. All you people who have blinders on and don’t think that the homeless crisis is not a problem. Open your eyes!