Sunday, June 21, 2015

Head of Spokane Washington NAACP Rachel Dolezal Is A Poser

When I first heard this story, I laughed. The reason why, it seem to me another white person trying to be down with the African-American culture. We see it in the media, white woman getting fat injected in their lips and butts. Laying out in the sun or spray tanning to make their skin darker. Don’t let me get started with the young white male. They think just because they dress like or talk like their favorite Rapper, they have the African-American flavor and are down with the black experience. Rachel Dolezal went around portraying, that she was African-American for years. Let’s say she was biracial, it would have been alright because at least she had some African-American in her. It doesn’t matter if she started identifying herself as African-American at a young age. I blame her parents, they dropped the ball. As soon as she started drawing herself with a brown crayon, they should have put a stop to it. Instead they let it go on and helped her perpetrate a lie for years. She did not say anything about her being discriminated against as an African-American women. You can believe that African-American woman are discriminated against and have been for years. Rachel said she was discriminated against as a white woman. Rachel Dolezal will never really know what it is to be a true African-American woman, even though she had been faking it for years. The struggles that African-American women endured for centuries, is not something to take lightly. I feel Rachel Dolezal did just that by portraying herself as African-American woman. For all the people who knew shame on you too.


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