Sunday, August 23, 2015

15 year old Adrian Jerry Gonzalez Murdered 8 year old Madyson Middleton

On Sunday July 26, 2015 Madyson Middleton was playing outside of her Tannery Arts Center apartments in Santa Cruz, California, like a normal 8 year old does in the summer. Little did she know, that someone she knew was plotting to end her life? Fifteen year old Adrian Jerry Gonzalez was that person. He lured her in his apartment and murdered her. What makes a 15 year old boy have such an urge to rape and strangle a small child? What has he been exposed to in his childhood? What is wrong with our youth? Where are the parents of these children? Parent your children! Teach them when they are babies. This is terrible all the way around! This little girl suffered at the hand of a child! Madyson should have graduated, become a mother and did things she dreamed of. She had a right to live! Her life was not Adrian Jerry Gonzalez to take. He STOLE from Madyson, her parents, siblings and her future children. He robbed an entire generation! May God have mercy? God Bless you Madyson Middleton.


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