Thursday, November 19, 2015

Is ISIS Bombing Of Paris The Beginning Of World War III?

Friday November 13, 2015 was a wretched night in Paris history that shocked the world. The terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the six attacks in Paris. These three groups of cowards set off bombs, went on a shooting rampage and took hostages. These places were, The Stade de France near entrance D & H, restaurants Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge, outside the bar A La Bonne Biere,  the restaurant La Belle Equipe, the restaurant Comptoir Voltaire and concert venue Bataclan. At the Bataclan Eagles of Death Metal an U.S. band from Palm Desert, California was playing. The gun men took some of the concert goer’s hostage. When the police raided the Bataclan three terrorist were killed and one of the terrorists was a 30-year-old French national from the Paris suburb of Courcouronnes. He had a criminal history and was identified as having been radicalized in 2010. Someone forgot to keep an eye on this individual and look what happened. He helped ISIS carry out their plans five years later. When these very repulsive people finished their carnage, over a 100 innocent people were dead. 

Is ISIS bombing of Paris the beginning of World War III? I sure hope not but it could be. ISIS terrorist cells are everywhere. You have ISIS sympathizers all over the world. Maybe all the countries that are fighting with each other, will band together to eliminate ISIS. I don’t think sending drones to bomb ISIS strong holds is going to be enough. Unfortunately every country that has had enough of ISIS, is going to have to put troops on the ground as well. By that I mean not only military but be more diligent in towns, cities and countries. If there is any suspicion of someone being affiliated with terrorist groups, keep a close eye on them. Do whatever needs to be done to stop them, so an attack like the one in Paris could have been avoided. ISIS is recruiting every day and their numbers are growing. The nations of the world should come together get rid of this cancer on the world. 


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