Saturday, February 20, 2016

Should Apple Build a Back Door to Get around a 4 digit Encryption Code?

Technology is what keeps civilizations moving on since the beginning of time. Nowadays it’s moving so fast. You buy the newest Tech device and a year or two later a new verge of the one you just bought comes out. This is especially true for the iPhone’s.
Well Apples in a massive possible ground breaking precedence with the Federal Government. United States Judge Sheri Pym order Apple to help the FBI to recover the pass code of Syed Rizwan Farook's iPhone 5. This would require Apple to build some kind of back door to get around the encryption code of the IPhone 5. Apple is saying they don’t even have the capability to make something like this happen. The 4 digit code on the San Bernardino terrorist iPhone 5 has a fail-safe. If you try more than 10 times all data will be lost. Everyone is in an uproar because of privacy issues and not wanting the government to have that much power.
I see it both ways. My privacy is one thing I value. For the Government to have Carte Blanche over anything I do is frightening. The N.S.A. is already monitoring us and I know they have a lot of power. On the other hand with all these crazy radical people in this world, especially the ones who hate on the U.S. I would feel safer. Can the U.S. government be trusted to use such a powerful tool responsibly? This would open the door for other countries to do the same. It’s a catch 22.

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