Thursday, July 28, 2016

DNC: First Lady Michelle Obama Written by: Rajada Ealey

Fourteen minutes and forty-five seconds. It only took fourteen minutes and forty-five seconds for the first lady to give a powerful speech which was truly amazing. Hearing the hope and passion in her voice made this year’s election promising. As she talked about her daughters, Hillary Clinton, and hope, I can definitely say my eyes were glued to my computer screen as I listened closely to every word she exhaled. I thought to myself, “How can the first lady have such hope in our country at a time like this? Is this real? Or is it just her job?” I sat and pondered these questions as I continued to watch. We all know the world is a little chaotic right now, so hope and optimism is just what we need right now. Though America has elected Obama to serve two terms in office, which definitely made a mark in history, who’s to say what space we’re now holding in our history books. Will it be for a woman or for the reality TV host? But Michelle made it very clear in her speech “[she’s] with Hillary.”

The heart of Michelle Obama’s speech centered around the youth. She begins to emphasize how her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, spent a huge portion of their life in the White House. She claimed that it would “form the foundation of how they would become,” and how her and Obama would think about this everyday. Michelle tells us it is not just their words and actions that impact their kids but also kids around the world. A role model-- An important job for both the First Lady and President. A role model is what they had to be and a role model is what America needs in future Presidents. Michelle states, “...that is what we’re deciding. Not democrat or republican. Not left or right…[but] who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.” The concept of voting for the best role model, I think, is an interesting way of putting it but I understand the passion she carries for the younger generation. Kids today can be very impressionable and what they see happening in the world and on TV plays a huge role in what they might say or do. It takes a certain type of President to be a role model and there “is only one person who [she] trust with that responsibility” and that is Hillary Clinton.
I continue to listen closely to Michelle as continues on with praising Hillary Clinton. Letting all of America know that she is the voice for children, that she takes her job seriously, and that she is well informed. She constantly repeats “I want a president who…” Which is very moving. It shows Michelle’s passion about this year’s election and having Hillary Clinton for President. As she begins to talk about how we’ve moved our country, Michelle’s speech quickly turns towards touchy topics such as the Dallas shooting and the shooting in Orlando. Telling us that could've easily been anyones child during the protest or in the nightclub. Michelle Obama is a great speaker and it touched me personally when she compared Hillary Clinton’s strive and perseverance to the slaves who also had hope for something better. Waking up in a house built by slaves only reminded her of the hard work they put in. She’s recognized that same hope and hard work in Hillary Clinton which lead her to believe she can ignite the strive in our younger generation, and you know I’m starting to believe she can too. We have a very interesting election ahead of us.