Friday, August 25, 2017

Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally

The following was an anonymous post forwarded by my Facebook friend who succinctly touches on the real issue of the Charlottesville White Nationalist rally.
"You know what worries me? It's not that a group of racist idiots lit some tiki torches and decided to have a rally. I worry that on Monday they'll go back to their job in human resources and decide who gets hired and who gets fired. They'll put their uniform back on and "serve and protect. They'll sit on a jury and decide the fate of a young person of color.
They'll teach in a kindergarten class. They'll sit across from a couple, who came to this country, worked hard and saved, and have the power to approve or deny them a loan to purchase their first home.
“They'll decide an insurance claim. They'll give an estimate to repair the brakes on a mother's only mode of transportation to get to work each day.”
I don't stay up lamenting the fact that racists feel emboldened to parade in the street.
I stay up because racists have, do, and will apply their racist beliefs in their daily lives and, by extension mine and they don't do it carrying a banner to distinguish themselves.
It isn't the theatrical that worries me. It's the practical."
Now is the time to get off the couch America and let your voices be heard.
We cannot depend on the cowards in Congress to protect our institutions or our rights. Speak out, get involved and Take a Stand!

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Your Internet Privacy is Over
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Trump’s first 70 days in office feel more like 70 years. He’s hell bent on rolling back all of President Obama’s achievements for this country not because he has some deep conservative beliefs but his desire to loosen regulations so the rich can make more money. It’s always about the money, in my belief, and his deep hatred for President Obama.
Earlier this week, Congress passed a bill to repeal the FCC privacy rules set by the Obama administration, giving internet service providers (ISP) the power of collecting and selling all your internet history and other personal data.
If anyone hoped that President Donald Trump might come to his senses and decide against signing the bill, you should know that won’t happen. The White House confirmed that Trump will sign the bill that will give ISPs more freedom to commercialize your personal data.
That means that your private data such as: websites you’re visiting, what kinds of video’s you’re watching, what kind of weird underwear you like to buy, what your passwords are, the things you Google, financial information, your emails, social security numbers are now up for sale by ISP’s without your opt-in consent.
The worry isn’t just that companies like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others will start selling your browsing habits. The more data these companies hoard about users, the more dangerous it can be for a user’s safety in a case of a data breach. Hackers proved time and again that they’re able to penetrate even systems believed to be very secure, and ISPs user databases might become appealing targets. And let’s not forget that spy agencies may want to tap into that kind of data too.
After effectively killing internet privacy, Trump’s administration may further harm internet users in the near future. The FCC’s new chairman Ajit Pai is a strong opponent of net neutrality – thereby allowing Internet providers to block content they don’t like or charge websites a fee to reach consumers over faster internet speeds.
Elections have consequences and we’re living in this nightmare of the Trump presidency. So those of you who voted for Trump, did you expect your  privacy rights being taken away all for the sake of making a buck? Well you wanted a “so called” business man in the White House. Now we all have to live with the consequences.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns

In a few hours, he went from having Trump’s “complete confidence” to being the first major casualty of the administration.
Retired US Army 3 Star General National security adviser Michael Flynn resigned late Monday, following revelations that he discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with that country’s ambassador in the days surrounding their imposition ― and weeks prior to Trump’s inauguration.
Retired Lt. Gen. Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr. will serve as acting national security advisor until a full-time replacement is named, the White House announced. Kellogg, as well as Vice Adm. Robert Harward and retired Gen. David Petraeus are the three candidates in line to succeed Flynn, according to the administration.
Flynn’s resignation came after a tumultuous few days of revelations about his ties to Russia and his role in attempting to ease sanctions that were put in place weeks before the Trump administration took office.
My understanding is that now that he’s out of office the Senate can now subpoena him to find out what he knows and the more important question is what does Russia have on President Trump?  This white house is not functioning well. They knew in January that Flynn had been compromised according to the Washington Post but chose to keep quiet. Without the press report the public would not have known.
For those that continue to say let’s give the Trump administration a chance – we can now say this administration doesn’t know what they’re doing and it shows big time or as Trump would say, “bigly”. This is just the first shoe to fall, and the start of the unraveling of the Trump administration.

Bring it on!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Bans Muslim Immigrants – Time For Resistance

I woke up this morning to more disturbing news from the Trump administration.
Donald Trump’s executive order barred all immigration from seven majority-Muslim nations for 120 days, which the president signed Friday evening. The banned countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. Note that Saudi Arabia is not this list. The majority of the 911 hijackers were Saudi’s none were from the countries that are currently banned.
Donald Trump also temporarily canceled admissions from the entire U.S. refugee program.
The Department of Homeland Security confirmed today that legal permanent residents of the US with green cards are included in the ban, and will not be allowed to reenter the country. Later, the agency said they would decide on a “case-by-case” basis. As officials raced to understand the new executive order, U.S. green card holders from Iran and the six other countries were reportedly kicked off flights, sent back to their country of origin or detained at airports.
This is not the America that I know. What has happened to our country with this madman in the white house? We cannot normalize or justify his actions or just as my neighbor asked me to give Trump a chance. WTF, give him a chance to do more harm to our country. Trump has been in office one week and has done more damage to our image than any other President during their first week in office.
The Muslim ban has sparked outrage and protests in NYC airport and other airports in the US, legal challenges, condemnations from politicians and denunciations from advocacy groups. Of course, Trump says that his executive order is not a Muslim ban and “that it’s working very nicely”. He’s living in an alternate universe.

President Trump, at the Pentagon on Friday, signed an executive order titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” CreditStephen Crowley/The New York Times

“Targeting people based on their religion is wrong and unconstitutional. Shutting the doors on some of the most vulnerable people in the world—refugees seeking safety—shows a moral bankruptcy that is shocking even for Donald Trump” -
Finally, it’s up to us and the media to hold Trump accountable for his actions and to call him out on his lies. We need to take to the streets and to social media to have our voices heard. It’s time for resistance!