Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Rage

Road Rage

Road Rage is one of the worst driving conditions there could ever be
other than bad weather condition. You have people who cut you off,
people who don’t change lanes properly, and people who driving to slow
cause they are on there cell phone. A lot of these faults come from
people and freeways being over crowded and the lack of ingenuity in these

We had a new law that I thought was great that passed and that is no
texting while driving. I think that is a great law for people who are
always on the phone holding up traffic. You need two hands to drive, not
one to text with. Another law that passed was you have to have a blue
tooth device while driving. That’s a great law cause people have to look
down too find the numbers and then dial it. With the blue tooth device
you can voice activate your phone. Thank you technology.

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