Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On The Road Again

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From PeteCam4 (On the road again):

How many times have you noticed someone speed past you on the freeway going 30-40 mph over the limit...often cutting-off you and other

drivers, creating a very dangerous situation? I've seen it too many times. I always wish that I was a CHP, or that I could quickly memorize

the speed demon's drivers license and call it in to the CHP!.

This past Sunday morning It happened again, and I finally acted on it! I was in light traffic heading East on Oregon Expressway in Palo Alto

in a 40mph zone. Suddenly this airport shuttle bus blew past me on the right and cut in front of me.(Long enough for me to read the bus's

company phone number.) The bus then sped off at 70-75mph...cutting-off another car or two in route to Hwy 101.

What makes this worse is that I noticed eight or more passengers in the bus, and the driver was STILL grossly wreckless and dangerous! As

a passenger, commercial or private...I'd rather miss a flight than lose life or limb. Whatever the case, this driver needs to be stopped, or at

least slowed down.

So, I called the incident in to his company manager. Now it's up to them. If you notice incredibly dangerous or obviously drunk drivers out something about it if you can. I feel a lot better now, knowing that I did.

Stay road-safe out there.


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