Monday, July 13, 2009

Steve McNair

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Steve McNair

Air McNair who was 39 and was the Titian Quarterback he will be missed.
No one deserves to die like that. Some friends and I had a talk about how
he was sneaking around on his wife. Some of my friends think he deserves
what he got. I think if he would have been honest from the beginning he
would have been fine. The girl he was with was really too young for him.
I am sure they both had some control, and trust issues. It doesn’t
matter you can have all the money and all the materialistic things, but
you can’t buy someone’s heart or play with it. If you play with
someone’s heart you never know what they are capable of doing to you or
themselves. Look at what happen to Lisa Life Eye and Andre Rison she burned
down his house.

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1 comment:

  1. Steve was the "quarterback" from my view.
    Leader, gifted, humble.

    Isn't it amazing what this nation expects out of blacks when they don't possess such skill themselves?