Monday, November 9, 2009



In the town of Red Bluff California the City Council approved two measures to ban collective and cultivation of marijuana. Red Bluff is a small town, but some of its citizens need marijuana to help with their illness.
Portland Maine is the fifth state to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.
Los Angeles district attorney has proof that cannabis outlets are a bad idea, because some places are selling to people who do not qualify. I think they should crack down and make the penalty stiff; people like these are making it hard on the legitimate businesses. In Salem Oregon medical marijuana users want to carry concealed handguns. This is there right, but it will open up other problems if the person in question has to use there gun. San Jose Ca. is considering legalizing marijuana dispensaries. I think every city should have medical marijuana dispensaries. Every city should look at medical marijuana dispensaries real carefully and put strict rules in place for anyone violators.


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